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Scosche Debuts Home, Office, and Travel Charging Products at CES 2023

Scosche is one of the top brands when it comes to charging on the go and at home, and the company is launching various products at CES 2023 for charging at home, in the office, and while out and about.

All these solutions are designed for Apple products and include MagSafe charging. Some can even fold flat for easily slipping into a backpack, purse, carry-on, or briefcase for travel.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new from Scosche.

Scosche BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System

Scosche BaseLynx 2

The Scosche Baselynx 2.0 Modular Charging System is an enhanced version of the original model that is smaller and more powerful. It snaps together easily using magnetic connectors and comes with charging modules including, with some kits, a 2-in-1 Charging Stand with MagSafe, Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch, Vertical Multi-Device Charging Station, and a Powered End Cap featuring GaN technology with a USB-C port and 120V outlet. There’s also an 2-in-1 iPhone/AirPods Charging stand with MagSafe. Once the modules are connected, everything is powered by a single six-foot power cord. All but the Powered End Cap can be used on their own or as part of a system, while the End Cap works once it’s connected with any module. Employing a compact design that’s perfect for the office (or home office), nightstand, or side table, it can be purchased as a full kit or with individual modules and configure it as needed or desired. A Pro Kit includes three braided one-foot cables: one USB-C to Lightning, one USB-C to USB-C (100W capable), and USB-C to USB-C. Set for availability in Spring 2023, the white model will sell for from US$40 to US$70 while the Pro Kit that includes a MagSafe 2-in-1 Charging Stand, Apple Watch Charger, Vertical Multi-Device Charger, Powered End Cap with six foot power cable, and three braided charging cables, will be available for US$250. A black version will follow in summer 2023 for pricing ranging from US$50 to US$100 for individual modules.

Scosche BaseCharge MS Wireless Charging Stand

The BaseCharge MS Wireless Charging Stand with Power Bank is a 3-in-1 charger with a small footprint that is has a MagSafe compatible stand to display and wirelessly charge iPhone 12 models and later. It adjusts up to 180˚ and folds flat for travel. AirPods can be simultaneously wirelessly charged below the iPhone on the removable MagSafe Compatible USB-C Power Bank. Downward directed, diffused LED lighting around the base provides a subtle light source that is touch-controlled by the chrome stand bar. The BaseCharge MS comes with a removable slide-on Apple Watch Charger holder (Watch charger not included) and a convenient cable channel to keep everything neat and tidy. There is also a 15W USB-C output to charge a third device and the BaseCharge comes with a 48W power supply with a five-foot AC power cable. Additionally, it comes with a removable 5,000 mAh Lithium-Ion Power Bank that can be used (and charged) situated in the base. When removed from the base, it becomes a portable charger for MagSafe devices and also provides a USB-C port for fast wired charging of portable devices.  The BaseCharge MS with Power Bank will come in black or white and will be available in Spring 2023 for US$140.

Scosche BaseCharge MS 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Identical to the BaseCharge MS with Power Bank, this model does not include a power bank but has a wireless charging pad in the base in place of the removable power bank. All other features including the charging stand, Apple Watch holder, cable channel, touch-control LED lighting, 15W USB-C power output, 48W power supply, and five-foot power cable are identical. It, too, will be available in Spring 2023 for US$100.

Scosche BaseCharge MS Fold-N-Go

Scosche BaseCharge MS Fold n Go

This foldable 2-in-1 wireless charging phone stand is designed for travel but can also be used to display (and charge) an iPhone and AirPods on a nightstand or desk. Made from lightweight, soft-touch PU leather material, the Fold-N-Go can be used flat, or as a two-position stand. Either way you fold it, it will magnetically hold and wirelessly charge both an iPhone 12 and later at 7.5W, as well as an AirPod Gen 3 or Pro case at up to 5W, at the same time. It comes with a four-foot premium braided power cable and a 20W Power Delivery wall charger. It will come in black or white in summer 2023 for US$80.

Scosche MagicMount Elite Charge Premium Wireless Charging Stand

Set for availability in Fall 2023, the MagicMount Elite Charge Premium Wireless Charging Stand (US$50) can be folded flat and used as a wireless charging MagSafe compatible puck, charging iPhone 12 and later at 7.5W. Unfolded, it transforms into a convenient stand to view, charge, and use an iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. The MagicMount Elite stand has an attached six-foot USB-C power cable.

Scosche MagicMount Elite2 Magnetic Phone Mount

Scosche MagicMount Elite 2

Designed for use in the car, the compact, low-profile MagicMount Elite2 Magnetic Phone Mount (Summer 2023, US$40) has a built-in circle of Neodymium magnets that are 30% stronger than those in standard MagicMounts so they can hold heavier phones. These magnets align perfectly with those in iPhone 12 and later series, as well as MagSafe cases. The mount is fully adjustable, thanks to a smooth ball-joint, for phone viewing in portrait or landscape mode. The Elite2 also holds iPhone X, 11 and SE, as well as Android phones using a MagicRing Adapter (sold separately and available at It will come in either a vent or dash mount option. The vent mount secures to most vehicle air vents and can also be used as a kickstand, while the dash mount secures to the top or front of a dashboard using the included automotive grade adhesive.

Scosche MagicMount MS Hydro

Scosche Hydro 1

One of the more unique models in the line-up, the MagicMount MS Hydro is an insulated water bottle that has a built-in MagSafe compatible phone mount that can hold an iPhone 12 or later in either landscape or portrait mode. It features powerful Neodymium magnets that can even secure the full water bottle to a metal surface. Designed for use in places like a gym, yoga studio, sporting event, beach and car cup-holder, the cap that features the built-in phone mount is universal and fits all popular water bottle brands. The bottle also has a built-in carrying handle. The bottle has double-wall vacuum insulation for 12+ hours (hot) or 24+ hours (cold) beverage storage and has a food-grade stainless steel interior and a powder-coated external finish. The bottle is BPA-free and bacteria- and odour-resistant. A 24-ounce bottle will be available in Spring 2023 for US$40.

Scosche MagicMount Pro2 MSC

Designed to work with the new Apple macOS Ventura Continuity Camera feature, the MagicMount Pro2 MSC MagSafe Compatible Continuity Phone Mount (Winter 2023; US$20) attaches to the back of an iPhone 12 and secures it to the top of a Mac laptop, iMac or Studio Display. It allows the use of an iPhone in portrait or landscape mode when mounted on the display. In addition to use with a laptop or display, the MagicMount Pro2 MSC functions as a kickstand, phone grip, and even a place to neatly wind a charging cable.

Scosche PowerVolt PD35 and PD65 Dual-Port USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Wall Chargers

Scosche PowerVolt

The PowerVolt PD35 and PowerVolt PD65 enable the fastest charging of phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and more, charging compatible iPhone devices up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. Both chargers are compact, with convenient folding prongs so they take up minimal space on a wall socket or power strip. The small form factor and fast charging is thanks to the latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. Replacing silicon semiconductors, GaN handles higher voltages and higher temperatures more efficiently, says Scosche, allowing components to be positioned closer together within the charger. Scosche PowerVolt GaN chargers have built-in safety circuitry that protects from overcharging and overheating and is safe to use with smaller devices. Both chargers deliver smart shared power which means if you plug one device into the PowerVolt the entire 35W or 65W is available to charge that one device. If you connect a second device, the charger will automatically share the power between the two devices, sensing which device requires the greater share. For example, if you plugged an iPhone and an iPad into a PowerVolt PD35 at the same time, the PowerVolt would know to deliver a greater share of the power to the iPad. And when you connect an iPhone and a MacBook to a PowerVolt PD65, more power would automatically go to the MacBook. The PowerVolt PD35 will be available Spring 2023 for US$40 and the PowerVolt PD65 in Summer 2023 for US$60.

Scosche StrikeLine HH 2-in-1 Hammerhead Cable

Scosche Strikeline 2 in 1

The new Scosche StrikeLine HH 2-in-1 Hammerhead Cable (Spring 2023; US$30) will fast charge or sync a Lightning or USB-C, so just one cable is needed in the car, office, and home. It is the first MFi-certified 2-in-1 USB-C/Lightning cable so it will safely charge both an iPhone and an iPad. The StrikeLine HH is Power Delivery compatible and can transfer up to 60W of power, easily charging a MacBook or other laptop, as well as cameras, drones, portable gaming devices and more, when used with an appropriate wall or car charger. With a four-foot, flexible, tangle-free braided cable with aluminum housings, mylar shield, and fiber core, Scosche performs weighted, 360˚ bend testing on all its cables that exceeds industry standards for cable testing, and provides a three year warranty.