NordVPN Apple tvOS

NordVPN Intros a VPN App for Apple TV

Cybersecurity company NordVPN has introduced a dedicated VPN app for Apple TV following Apple’s recent rollout of tvOS 17 updates supporting third-party VPN applications. The new NordVPN app for Apple TV will increase privacy and security, says the company, while you stream your favourite content online.

“Users often forget that mobile phones and computers are not the only gateways to your network for cybercriminals,” says Vykintas Maknickas, Head of Product Strategy at NordVPN. “A smart TV is usually connected to the internet, so it can also be hacked, and cybercriminals can spy on users, steal data, or even try to access other devices on the home network. A dedicated VPN app for Apple TV will allow our users to ensure cybersecurity and protect their privacy. Moreover, a VPN can even improve the streaming experience by increasing users’ privacy.”

NordVPN app protects online traffic from snoops and criminals with its next-generation encryption. Once connected to a VPN server, third parties such as an ISP can no longer follow your activities online.

In addition, use a VPN on Apple TV to access favourite content from home while traveling, since a lot of online content is restricted by your current location and IP address. The NordVPN application will allow you to watch legitimate subscriptions by connecting to a VPN server in your home country. Think Crave or CBC Gem while you’re traveling in the U.S.

NordVPN won’t interfere with your streaming habits, says the company, increasing privacy and security without noticeably slowing down the connection. Using a VPN might actually improve internet speed in some instances, claims NordVPN, if the internet service provider has been throttling the connection when it detects streaming, for example.

You can install a dedicated NordVPN app for tvOS on Apple TV from the App Store now.