Grandparent with child and ONANOFF StoryPhones

Record Stories in Your Own Voice with the ONANOFF StoryPhones PlayShield

The ONANOFF StoryPhones PlayShield is a new feature for the popular kids’ headphones with a fun twist: parents, caregivers, family members, and even kids themselves, can record stories and songs in their own voice for simple playback.

The StoryPhones are smart wireless audio headphones designed for kids that also function as an Internet-connected content player. They work with discs called StoryShields that you can simply insert into the earcups to download the content into the headphone memory and play it. Once downloaded, the headphones will play the content without the need for an active network, making them ideal for listening on the go.

Onanoff Storyphones

StoryPhones already work with a variety of StoryShields, as well as ZenShields, which consist of relaxing audio profiles to help kids calm down, relax, or even sleep. This includes pink noises like piano and ocean waves, rain drops, and the exclusive RoRo sound.

Now, the StoryPhones work with a new feature in the app whereby you can create customized StoryShields called PlayShields. This can include family stories told by the grandparents who live in a different country or province, for example, a parent who travels often for work, an older sibling, or even a favourite friend or family member. PlayShield+ allows people to draw or print artwork or photo on the shield to create a fully personalized one.

Onanoff Storyphones

The StoryPhones in grey or Snow white come bundled with a ZenShield and PlayShield is available for US$100.