PayPal Complete Payments

PayPal Complete Payments Launches For Small Businesses in Canada

PayPal Complete Payments launches today for small and-mid-sized enterprises in Canada as well as the U.K., and over 20 European markets. The solution enables small businesses to accept a range of payments including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit and debit cards, and more than 20 alternative payment methods from around the world. 

According to a Payments Canada report, more than half (53% of Canadians have left a store or abandoned an online purchase if the checkout was not convenient.

Businesses can sync order and tracking information with a new feature called Package Tracking. For businesses, sharing tracking data with PayPal means fewer customer disputes, and a streamlined resolution process that eliminates manual responses, which can reduce costs, says PayPal. Transactions with tracking details often see 80% lower “item not received” dispute claims. 

PayPal has integrations with several ecommerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.  

This new solution also enables eligible small businesses to allow their customers to securely store their payment methods in the PayPal vault for future purchases. This facilitates a seamless checkout experience, helping small businesses drive conversions, reduce card declines, and encourages repeat buyers.

PayPal Complete Payments

To protect small businesses, PayPal Complete Payments offers Fraud ProtectionChargeback Protection, Dispute Management and Seller Protection on eligible transactions.

This solution is available at favourable rates for accepting credit cards and other payment methods online. Small businesses can choose between flat-rate and flexible pricing to get paid the full amount up-front and get a transparent view into processing costs.

Since the U.S. is a major market for many Canadian small businesses, eligible Canadian small businesses can now hold and withdraw money into their bank accounts in U.S. dollars and more than 20 other currencies. 

“Experience and data have proven that a seamless checkout, more choice in payment types, and adding package tracking information boosts sales,” says Nitin Prabhu, Vice President, Small Business and Financial Services, PayPal. “Responding to demand from our customers, we are delighted to unveil our latest cutting-edge solution tailored for small and mid-sized enterprises. Packed with features that help drive simplicity and growth, our offering is set to empower small businesses across Canada.”

“We’ve been a PayPal customer for many years now,” shared Roxanne Pettipas, Founder and CEO of Buddy Belts. “Last November, we launched our online store, and we use PayPal Complete Payments to sell in Canada and internationally. The ability to accept multiple payment methods has led to increased revenue. We can now accept a broad range of payments with one single integration which has saved us time and money, and reduced complexity. We’re huge fans of the reporting as we can easily access transaction data and analytics, which helps us understand our business a bit better and saves precious time when it comes to tax filing time.”