Pockettalk Sentio

Pockettalk Launches Sentio for Multilingual Live Translation

Pocketalk has launched Sentio, the latest addition to the Pocketalk for Business suite. Sentio is a browser-based live translation service designed to facilitate seamless two-way multilingual collaboration, offering real-time translation capabilities for users in the U.S. and UK (no Canadian availability announced as of yet).

Sentio is a HIPAA and GDPR-compliant solution, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive information during multilingual conversations. It features Whisper Technology powered by the advanced Whisper technology developed by OpenAI to deliver accurate and contextually aware live translations, enhancing the overall collaboration experience.

Pockettalk Sentio

Since it’s browser based, Sentio eliminates the need for software downloads, offering flexibility to access live translation services directly through a web browser. This, says Pockettalk, is designed to offer ease of access, streamline the user experience, and encourage widespread adoption.

Sentio integrates with popular virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams so you can engage in multilingual conversations during meetings.