Denon Home Sound Bar 550
Denon Home Sound Bar 550 is one of the first products to be sold in Canada that will be certified Roku TV Ready

Roku Announces Roku TV Ready Program in Canada

Roku, Inc. has launched its new Roku TV Ready licensing program in Canada, which awards consumer electronics brands with certification that confirms the gear works seamlessly with Roku TV models to deliver a pleasant home entertainment experience.

The first brands that will be launching Roku TV Ready devices in Canada are TCL, Denon, and Definitive Technology. The idea is to reassure customers that the products promise easy set-up and a nicely integrated experience when adding audio devices to their TV set-up. Roku TV models will automatically identity products that have been tested and certified to be Roku TV Ready and provide a simple setup and easy access to on-screen volume and sound settings controlled by the single Roku TV remote control.

“At Roku, we know that great sound enhances the streaming experience, but we’ve also seen firsthand how challenging it can be for consumers to set up and control TV audio devices,” says Arthur van Rest, Vice President, International. “We created Roku TV Ready to solve this problem and we are so proud to be able to now introduce it to our Canadian customers.”

Among the first Roku TV Ready devices that will be available in Canada include the TCL Alto 6 & Alto 6 + Soundbars and the Alto 6 & Alto 6+ soundbars, which are ideal for TVs between 40 and 55-inches. Also soon available will be the Denon Home Sound bar 550, a high-performance, compact sound bar that offers Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround sound decoding capabilities. Another Roku Ready audio products that will sell in Canada is the Definitive Technology Studio 3D Mini Sound Bar System, which is designed to provide music and movie enthusiasts with a high-performance entertainment experience from an ultra-compact sound bar.

Other consumer electronic brands interested in learning more about the Roku TV Ready program can contact [email protected].