Samsung Chromebook 4 Plus

Samsung Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4+ Now in Canada

Ideal for students or mobile workers, Samsung has released two new Chromebooks in Canada: the Chromebook 4 and the Chromebook 4+.

Both devices are light and compact, with no visible screws. The Chromebook 4 has an 11.6″ screen and weighs just 1.18 kg and the Chromebook 4+ comes equipped with a larger 15.6″ screen and weighs 1.7 kg.

Featuring military-grade durability for withstanding drops and bumps, the 4 boasts up to 12 hours of battery life and the 4+ up to 10 hours, which is long enough for a typical workday or day at school. Recharge it quickly when needed via a USB-C charger. Options include up to 32GB of storage, 4GB memory, and an Intel Celeron processor N4000.

The Chromebook 4 lineup is also equipped with Gigabit Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to stream high-definition content, load webpages, and transfer gigabytes of data as needed. The high-speed data transfer rate is up to 5Gbps, and you can connect either to a 4K monitor and switch to Ultra HD for presentations, gaming, or streaming movies and TV shows.

Samsung Chromebook 4

Loaded with Google goodies, you’ll get access to the Chrome browser and can download apps from the Google Play Store. You also get Google Assistant built-in for controlling the device by voice to do things like update your calendar, reply to a message, make a note, check the news, and more. Just say “Hey, Google” followed by your command to get started.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 starts at $360 and comes finished in Platinum Titan, while the Samsung Chromebook 4+ comes in Satin Grey and starts at $460.