Samsung Galaxy Book4

Samsung Intros Galaxy Book4 Series Laptops

Samsung has introduced its Galaxy Book4 series laptops, which it calls its most intelligent PC line-up to date. The models include the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Galaxy Book4 Pro 360, and Galaxy Book4 Pro.

The latest Galaxy Book4 Series comes with a new intelligent processor, a more vivid and interactive display, and is secured by Knox. There are also AI enhancements.

The Galaxy Book4 Series is equipped with an intelligent processor for powerful performance. The latest Series comes with a new Intel Core Ultra 9 processor that combines a faster CPU, a higher-performance GPU, and a newly added NPU into a single package. Coupled with Intel’s industry-first AI PC Acceleration program, which includes more than 100 AI applications from independent software vendors, the processor enables new AI capabilities for users.

With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, generative AI-based creation tools are backed by NVIDIA Studio technology, allowing you to create images with simple text in seconds with RTX-optimized Stable Diffusion. For gaming, there’s NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology that creates higher quality images for over 500 ray-traced popular games and applications.

Samsung Galaxy Book4

The Galaxy Book4 Ultra also lowers heat and fan noise with a new cooling system, including an 11% wider vapor chamber and a dual fan with an uneven blade spacing design. You can use your device for a longer time on a single charge thanks to increased power efficiency. Galaxy Book4 Ultra users can also quickly top up an additional 55% battery life in just 30 minutes using the 140W adaptor4 that is 1.4 times larger than its predecessor.

There’s Samsung Knox with enhanced security measures at the chipset level for the Galaxy Book Series for the first time. All three models have a new discrete Samsung Knox security chip that secures critical system data separately, adding to existing multi-layered security efforts with Intel and Microsoft.

The Galaxy Book4 Series has a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that offers clear contrast and vivid colour. Vision Booster uses an Intelligent Outdoor Algorithm to automatically enhance visibility and colour reproduction in bright conditions, while anti-reflective technology reduces distracting reflections. With a touchscreen now added to all three models, the Galaxy Book4 Series is also more interactive, offering touch-based input similar to a smartphone or tablet.

Audio is delivered by AKG Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos. There are also dual microphones with bi-directional AI noise canceling to capture your voice clearly during video calls, even in noisy outdoor environments. When paired with Galaxy Buds2 Pro, LE Audio, an advanced Bluetooth audio standard, enables realistic sounds with reduced latency to make experiences such as gaming more immersive. Auto Switch allows you to seamlessly connect your Galaxy Buds to multiple devices, like a smartphone, tablet, watch, TV, or PC, so you can enjoy listening to your devices without manual input. A large touchpad and a wide range of ports, including a new HDMI 2.1 port, are also designed to enhance the usability of the Galaxy Book4 Series.

The slim and lightweight computers also come with Samsung Studio, a new video creation tool for editing videos made on your phone or tablet in more detail on your PC. Photo Remaster, now available on Samsung Gallery for PC, lets you quickly correct photos and automatically erase unwanted shadows and reflections with AI-enabled optimization. Second Screen allows you to use your tablet as a monitor for your Galaxy Book4 and elevate productivity with a variety of display modes such as Duplicate, Extension, and now Rotation.

The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Series will be progressively made available in select markets including Canada in 2024. The Series comes in a refined and minimal finish with a wider variety of recycled materials, including plastics, glass, and aluminum.

Add a Samsung Care+ Plan to be protected for up to two years against physical or liquid damage and mechanical malfunction or defects.