Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Adds Compass View & More

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2, the next generation of the company’s smart tags, will be launching on October 10.

The Galaxy SmartTag2 offers new ways to keep track of valuables and features an upgraded design, and longer battery life. There’s also a new Compass View feature that provides arrows to indicate the direction and distance of the tag in relation to you as you search for it. This mode is available on any UWB-supported Galaxy smartphone, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra2.

The SmartThings Find app has also been upgraded. Newly registered Galaxy SmartTags now add a shortcut to the SmartThings Find app on your smartphone, allowing quick and easy access. Additionally, the app now features a full screen map view and an intuitive interface, making the experience more seamless.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2

When switching Galaxy smartphones, SmartTag2 now automatically re-syncs with your new Galaxy smartphone using your Samsung account.

Along with longer battery life, there’s also a new power saving mode, which allows the battery to last for up to 700 days, more than twice as long as previous Galaxy SmartTag models. In normal mode, meanwhile, the battery life has been extended to 500 days, which marks a 50% increase compared to the previous generation models. You can switch between the two modes on the fly to track everything from a car to your keys and bicycle.

The Galaxy SmartTag2’s also employs a new compact size and ring-shaped design. The large loop enhances product durability by using metal on the inside of the ring for greater resilience that can support accessories like clips and keyrings. These accessories can also attach to bags and luggage.

Galaxy SmartTag2

Galaxy SmartTag2’s durability has also been upgraded with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, making it ideal for keeping track of items that are outdoors as well as pets.

Galaxy SmartTag2 retains many of the popular features from Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag+ including both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB capabilities. You can also leverage Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology to visually guide yourself toward the item using the Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. In addition, Galaxy SmartTag2 works within maximum Bluetooth range of 120 meters and can control smart home appliances through the SmartThings app.

For privacy, Samsung confirms that the device’s location is only made available with your  permission. SmartThings Find also encrypts user data and is supported by Samsung Knox for an extra layer of security. To maximize security and privacy, a SmartTag can only be tracked and accessed by one device and/or SmartThings Find account at a time.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2

For Samsung Galaxy users, SmartThings Find can also provide security through its “Unknown tag alerts” feature. This alerts users of any unauthorized tracking by sending them a notification if SmartThings Find detects an unknown SmartTag moving with them. This helps prevent against the unwanted use of location tracking services.

Galaxy SmartTag2 also works seamlessly with SmartThings Station, which is integrated with SmartThings Find – serving as an always-at-home device scanner – helping you keep track of valuables that have a SmartTag attached. SmartThings Station will notify users of the location of their tagged item – from personal items like TV remotes, wallets, keys and registered devices like smartphones, tablets, watches, and earbuds. Pet owners will also receive an alert when a tagged collar moves too far from the SmartThings Station, helping them keep furry friends close to home.

Galaxy SmartTag2 is available starting October 10.