Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Samsung Canada Reveals New Rugged Tablet, Smartphone for Use in the Field

Samsung Canada has released two new mobile devices for workers in the field: the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and the enterprise-ready Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro boasts military-grade toughness along with advanced productivity features and the Samsung Knox security platform. It measures just 10.2mm thin and weighs 674 grams, making it lightweight and portable enough to use out in the field as well as in the office.

Equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the Galaxy Tab Active4 can endure drops of up to one metre when dropped with the protective cover that comes in the box. As an added layer of protection, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, and its integrated S Pen, are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance. The MIL-STD-810H compliance means it can withstand extreme altitudes, temperatures, vibration, and humidity.

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro

Features include Key Mapping, which allows companies to program device keys based on specific needs, quickly launching business-critical or commonly used apps with the press of a button. The touch sensitivity of the display is also adjustable for use with gloves, so workers can use the device while taking note of their health or safety.

Audibly, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro offers an increase in maximum volume so workers can hear their device audio clearly, even when in settings like a busy hospital ward or a noisy construction site.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is also compatible with a range of accessories, both from Samsung and third-party partners. These include ergonomically designed cases with straps or stands, charging cradles, attachable keyboard covers and wearable barcode scanners.

The intuitive One UI mobile experience enables a more personalized experience, while the octa-core advanced processor keeps employees connected and productive with faster processing speeds. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro also offers expandable storage with an optional microSD card so workers can store important files locally on the device.

With built-in Sub6 5G and Wi-Fi 6, employees can rely on fast speeds and low latency to stay connected.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro features enhanced near-field communication (NFC) and mobile Knox Platform for POS (Point of Sale), which makes it a particularly powerful tool for retail businesses, says Samsung. It can be, for example, mounted at a cash register or used as a portable point of sale. With Knox Capture, the tablet can function as an enterprise-grade barcode scanner for real-time tracking and checking of inventory.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 has both a replaceable battery and POGO (sold separately), fast charging, and a No Battery Mode so it can be used continuously at a kiosk, or in a vehicle without battery, while preventing the depletion of the battery, even in high temperature environments.

For jobs that take workers out of the field and into the office, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro can easily be connected to an external display through Samsung DeX, or used in Standalone Mode to emulate a desktop interface on the tablet.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Knox Suite all-in-one platform makes it easier for IT teams to configure, secure, manage, and analyze devices – whether it be a single device or a whole fleet. Samsung’s defense-grade security platform, Samsung Knox, also protects the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro with fully integrated hardware and software protections.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro includes support for up to five years of security updates and three OS upgrades. It is available in Canada now.

Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Also available today, the new Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone is also rugged and durable while offering end-to-end security. It boasts an enhanced 6nm processor, expandable storage with an optional microSD card, and is the first in the XCover series to offer support for 5G networking. It also offers 6GHz band support in Wi-Fi 6e.

It features a replaceable battery that can be swapped with an optional second one to keep it going for twice as long. The POGO charging capabilities, meanwhile, make it possible for multiple users to dock their device and power up as needed.

For workers who split their time between the office and working remotely, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro comes equipped with Samsung DeX for connecting the device to an external display, keyboard, and mouse when back at the office for a PC-like experience. The XCover6 Pro can also be used to take pictures and notes on the go then access the content back at their desks. 

With a durable MIL-STD-810H-certified design, IP68 rating, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+, it is built to withstand severe weather, drops, and other hazards that come with working in the field. Further, in environments where gloves are required for workers, Touch Sensitivity settings can be adjusted to increase the screen’s receptiveness, while enhancements for touch in wet environments make it easier to use when your hand is damp in rainy conditions.

Samsung also provides security updates for up to five years for this device, and four additional One UI and OS upgrades after the initial global launch.

The XCover6 Pro is under 10mm thin and features a dynamic 6.6-inch full-screen display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Protected by Samsung’s end-to-end mobile security, Samsung Knox, the platform works like a vault with hardware-based protections, fully integrated with software to deliver end-to-end and real-time protection against ongoing threats.

Samsung’s One UI, meanwhile, brings an added level of protection, giving IT administrators and users easy control over their devices with an intuitive interface, including transparent sharing and protection options. Administrators can remotely manage device integrity to ensure they are secure and untampered with, while biometric support of facial recognition and fingerprint ensure the intended user is the only one able to access the device.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro includes two programmable keys that can be customized to perform specific functions, depending on the business. Users can also use the device as an enterprise-grade barcode scanner through Knox Capture or as a walkie-talkie through its push-to-talk, which now comes with loud speaker volume. The phone comes with a variety of Samsung and partner accessories such as Smart Case, POGO/multi-device/battery pack chargers, charging cradles, belt clips and PTT headsets.