Satechi X2 Slim Bluetooth keyboard

Satechi’s Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard is Designed to Complement Apple Devices

While Satechi’s Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard can theoretically work with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, laptop, or smartphone, it is designed with iPads and Mac computers in mind with a sleek aluminum finish that complements the Apple devices.

Offering multi-device Bluetooth sync and a QWERTY layout with numeric pad and MacOS function keys, the keyboard can operate for up to 10 days per charge of its battery, or up to 4-5 months without the backlight. Optional shortcut keys can be used to program the most frequently used functions. There are also adjustable backlit keys and a rechargeable USB-C port.

Satechi Slim X2 Bluetooth keyboard

The brightness of the backlit and function hot keys is adjustable. Through Bluetooth sync, you can connect up to four devices at once to easily switch from sending an e-mail from your computer, for example, to completing a grocery list on your phone.

Satechi’s Slim X2 Bluetooth Keyboard is available now for US$80.