Screen Innovations Maestro 2

Screen Innovations Maestro 2 Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen Boasts 4K+ Resolution

Screen Innovations has introduced its new Maestro 2 audibly invisible transparent screens for laser projection applications.

This second-generation Maestro 2 screen improves has an ultra-smooth surface and is optimized for 4K+ high-resolution laser projection but also supports resolutions over 8K. There’s absolute silence from the screen for during operation, says Screen Innovations, which delivers true colour reproduction, with 100% colour neutrality.

The new Ultra Smooth surface is designed to deliver optimal performance with the latest 4K + high resolution laser projectors. This specialized surface treatment ensures every pixel is displayed with clarity and precision. The screen is also futureproof to support resolutions of over 8K once available.

The screen is also completely inaudibile to the human ear while in operation, unlike traditional projection screens that can produce distracting noise during operation, says Screen Innovations.

Screen Innovations Maestro 2

With 100% colour neutrality, colours are reproduced with accuracy and consistency. Because of this, the Maestro 2 is ideal for dark, dedicated home theatres where ambient light interference can compromise image quality. By maintaining colour neutrality, it preserves the integrity of the original content, whether that’s movies, TV shows, or video games.  

“The improvements in SI’s Maestro 2 are significant,” says SI founder Ryan Gustafson. “We want our customers to have the pinnacle of visual and audible experience, no matter what the room dynamics.”