SME Model 6

Bluebird Music Launches New Model 6 Integrated Turntable and Arm Package From SME

Bluebird Music has launched the new Model 6 integrated turntable and arm package from SME.

The Model 6 turntable chassis is CNC-machined from a high-density polymer resin, providing high mass with a small footprint. The main bearing, spindle and pulleys are built to the same standards of precision as all SME turntables, says the company.

Speed control is provided by a new electronic speed control, housed in a separate enclosure crafted from the same polymer as the chassis. Speed adjustment is provided over a wide range, set by a rotary control.

The Model 6’s integrated tonearm is an improved version of the highly-regarded SME M2-9, in a black chrome finish to match the turntable. Suitable for use with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges over a wide range of weight, two to 12 grams, the arm has a removable headshell which simplifies both initial set-up and subsequent cartridge changes. The Model 6 ships with the M2-9 tonearm pre-installed.

“We’re excited to now be able to offer SME quality and pride of ownership to music lovers on a tighter budget,” says Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “The Model 6 will be a game-changer, bringing incredible sound quality and decades of reliable performance to a whole new audience.”

Founded by Alastair Robertson-Aikman in 1946, SME is best-known for its turntables and tonearms, but much of the company’s work is in providing precision engineering solutions in sectors like Formula One, medical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

“It’s a privilege to work with a company with the heritage and reputation of SME,” adds Rein. “With the Model 6, more music lovers will have the opportunity to appreciate the company’s products than ever before.”

The SME Model 6 turntable and M2-9 tonearm package retail in Canada for $11,995 and come in black.

SME Model 6