Solos Translate

Solos’ Translate Feature is Now Available in 25 Languages

Solos, which makes smart glasses like the Solos AirGo 3s I reviewed last year, is expanding its SolosTranslate service, which is now available in 25 languages.

This introduced 15 new languages to the 10 already available in the Solos app. Some of the new languages include Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, and Hindi.

“Solos is redefining the way people connect and communicate across cultures, whether in international business meetings or exploring new countries, making global interaction more comfortable and accessible,” says the company in a prepared announcement.

Solos Translate

Solos debuted the platform’s new translation features at CES 2024, including Listen (for one-on-one conversations) Group (for joining a group call), Text (for translating messages in text form in the app), and Present mode for presentations whereby other participants hear through their glasses in their native languages.

The AirGo 3 Smart Glasses, powered by ChatGPT, work with both SolosChat and SolosTranslate, which enable voice commands for sending texts, answering calls, or even replying to e-mails. The Whisper technology delivers crisp and clear audio for podcasts, music, and more, while the dual-direction speakers provide situational awareness. AirGo3 also use SmartHinge technology, allowing you to customize and swap their front frames for any occasion. 

Solos Translate

AirGo3 Smart Glasses are available in three styles: Argon (US$249-US$299), Xeon (US$199), and Helium (US$199) for sports, sun, or daily wear. They also come in various colours. SolosChat, SolosTranslate, and Solos Fitness Coach are included with purchase. An upgraded Premium Subscription for US$10/mo. includes enhanced text-to-speech services for more natural language AI, standalone use of SolosChat without the glasses, enhanced AI performance, and more. 

The complete list of new languages include Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Indonesian, Tagalog, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Swedish, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, and