Square for Restaurants

Square for Restaurants Helps Canadian Restaurateurs Navigate COVID-19 Restrictions

The Square for Restaurants all-in-one specialized point-of-sale (POS) system has launched in Canada, with the purpose of helping restaurateurs as they adjust to the changing needs to “run their business, connect with customers, and save time.”

Designed for use in restaurants, breweries, cafes, and bars, Square for Restaurants is a fully integrated POS based on a cloud-based solution. Managers can easily update menus and floor layouts remotely across multiple terminals and locations, ideal when they need to navigate changing occupancy allowances due to COVID-19 restrictions. The all-in-one POS also offers built-in employee management capabilities to enable staff time and performance tracking, tip splitting, fraud protection, a kitchen display system for full synchronization, and more.

A select number of Canadian establishments have worked with the system for the past few months as early adopters. Among them is The Brake Room, a local café in Belleville, ON.

“The industry has faced many starts and stops due to COVID-19, and Square for Restaurants has allowed me to adjust to changing restrictions,” says Adam Tilley, Owner of the Brake Room. ”We knew that investing in our relationship with Square would provide a foundation for future growth, and it has definitely streamlined our processes and sped up the customer experience.” 

Square for Restaurants

Square for Restaurants enables online ordering as well, allowing restaurants to process orders directly through their restaurant website for no monthly fees or commissions. Businesses can set up delivery and curbside pickup and limit in-person contact with self-serve ordering as well as offer loyalty programs and gift cards as additional ways to engage with customers. 

“Square for Restaurants eliminates all of the distractions and pain points of legacy systems while offering everything needed to run a restaurant, even during a pandemic,” says Alyssa Henry, Seller Lead at Square. “Whether you’re running a single location or multiple restaurants, Square for Restaurants frees up precious time and resources for local businesses to adapt and evolve during these challenging times.”