Steve’s Back-to-School Last Minute Tech Guide 2023

The never-ending parade of consumer technology finds its way to our gift guides with unique design, functionality and a big bang for your buck. If you’re stuck for back-to-school ideas check out my last-minute collection of purposeful gear.

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Smartphone

Samsung’s A54 5G delivers affordable value

You don’t need to have every bell and whistle on a Samsung smartphone. Check out the Galaxy A54 5G, a smartphone that has the DNA of its big brothers but at a way better price with a few unique features of its own thrown in.  Photography with the A54 5G is as impressive as the S series with clear images including Samsung Galaxy’s reputation in Nightography and AI capabilities. For the first time in an A series phone remove unwanted shadows and reflections are included thanks to the enhanced editing tools. Outdoor photography with the A54 5G offers a bright screen with the upgraded AMOLED display, even under bright sunlight. A fast charging and long lasting 5,000mAh battery along with improved optically stabilized steady videos and much sharper 32MP front camera add value to the A54 5G.

Sonos Era 300 and Sub Mini

Made for each other the Sonos Bass Mini left and the Era 300

The Sonos Era 300 for $559 and Sub Mini for $549 make the perfect pair to easily fill any home room with rich spacious surround sound and bass you can feel. The Era 300: The Stereo Speaker With Dolby Atmos | Sonos projects clear surround sound up, left, right and straight at you from music services via Bluetooth and WiFi. Stream from all your favourite services and devices with WiFi and Bluetooth. The Dolby Atmos capable Era 300 is easy to set up on the Sonos smartphone app and is voice capable too. During setup the Era 300 (set it up first) becomes the parent of the Sub Mini on the same screen page. The compact Sub Mini can be tucked out of site anywhere in the room. Both are automatically synched whether you are streaming TV movies, music, even from your turntable connecting the Era 300 via the optional Sonos Line-In Adapter .

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

abletop Mini Cleaner

The small but mighty Desktop Vacuum Cleaner from  US$13 is unique looking but does the job. It will save teachers from the annoying little messes in life — especially in the classroom. You just gently hold the cordless vacuum by your hand and move it to easily to clean your desk. It’s powered with 2AA batteries that will last 90 minutes. It’s ergonomic by design but easily reaches hard to get to spaces on a cluttered desk and its soft bottom can gently dust laptops and keyboards.

Doro-C300 ergonomic chair

Sihoo Doro C300 chair

The Sihoo Doro C300 desk seat for $360 looks and feels luxurious. With excellent dynamic lumbar support and a back support system that offers long hours of sedentary care, you get value and comfort for every dollar spent. The flexible seatback matches and relaxes your back, while the wide multi-adjustable headrest accommodates all body types for high-precision neck support. 3D coordinated armrests relax your arms in all positions along with smart weight-sensing chassis for effortless and balanced reclining. All this follows after your first sit on the waterfall-shaped seat offering a weightless seating experience, easily supporting your body weight against its seat surface. SIHOO Doro-C300 Ergonomic Office Chair (

Ninja SP300C Foodi 10-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Oven

Ninja SP300C Foodi 10-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Oven

Ninja continues with innovative tools to cook the greatest number of ways on one device with the Ninja SP300C Foodi 10-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Oven. For $280 it offers up to 1800-watts of cooking power and 500°F with the directly heated high-density pan and cyclonic air. Functions include Air Fry, Bake, Rapid Bake, Air Roast, Sear Crisp, Flip, Toast, Broil, Toast and Bagel, Frozen Pizza, Fresh Pizza. It uses Dual Heat Technology with up to a 500°F directly heated high-density pan and up to 500°F rapid cyclonic air work together to allow you to sear and roast at the same time. Get up to 75% less fat and up to 65% faster cooking versus a full-size electric oven when using the air fry function. The Air Oven functions are ready for cooking in 60 seconds and the added height for XL family-sized capacity fits up to 6 chicken breasts, cooks a 2-lb roast, or air fry up to 4 lbs of ingredients. There’s more. Reclaim your counter space: it takes 45% less space when you flip it up and away to store against your kitchen backsplash. Expect restaurant-worthy results: Dual Heat Technology delivers a cast-iron-like sear on proteins and faster crisp on pizza crust edge to edge.

Ninja SP300C Foodi 10-in-1 Dual Heat Air Fry Oven, Countertop Oven, Broil, 1800-watts Ovens – Ninja (

Yana 360° Body Pillow

Yana Body Pillow

Cocoon yourself in comfort at the end of a long day, and let the Yana 360 Body Pillow hold you all night long. Relax as Yana wraps around your body and contours to your curves, providing support wherever you need it most. Choose between natural latex fill or latex-free natural cooling gel – both can be customized to your desired fullness and hold their shape night after night. I find Yana more supportive and flexible than other body pillows on the market today. It can be tied in a decorative knot for compact storage when not in use. Yana comes with a removable classic (two-toned) pillow cover that makes laundering a breeze.

Hydro Flask 8 L Lunch Tote

8 L Hydro Flask insulated Lunch Bag

The 8L Hydro Flask insulated lunch bag doesn’t look like a lunch bag but it sure knows how to keep things cool or warm. According to the manufacturer, your drinks and salad stay cool for up to four hours. It has a fully lined interior to help keep your meal warm or cool, and the exterior coated fabric is durable and waterproof. This tote is unique featuring a flat bottom to help keep everything upright and that the bag is big enough to store a few small groceries items on your way home (especially in the 20 or 35 liter size model). For connoisseur lunch freaks, US$45

Logitech C920s

The Logitech C920s Pro 1080p 30fps Full HD Webcam

The Logitech C920s Pro 1080p 30fps Full HD Webcam for $106 is a compact and affordable way to impressively improve your meetings and gaming. Compared to much smaller built-in laptop webcams  which have been slow to break the 720p recording resolution barrier, the C920s is capable of capturing full 1080p footage at 30 frames per second. It has a 78° field of view, HD auto-lighting and includes a pair of built-in mics, so you will be heard loud and clear in meetings in the heat of the action.