Telus Prepares To Launch PureFibre 1.5 Gigabit Internet in Western Canada

Western Canadians living in certain areas will soon be able to access blazing fast Internet speeds through Telus PureFibre Gigabit Internet, a 100% fibre-to-the-premise network.

The network speeds clock in at up to 1,500Mbps download and up to 940Mbps upload, and will be available for residents in B.C. and Alberta, for both residential and business customers. 

“At Telus, we are committed to leveraging our technology and talent to enable meaningful outcomes for our customers and our communities,” says Darren Entwistle, President and CEO of Telus. “Since 2000, Telus has invested almost $200 billion in network infrastructure, spectrum, and operations to amplify the coverage, speed, and reliability of our world leading technology that underpins our human interactions, our business innovation and our social welfare ambitions.

“At a time when our citizens rely on Telus to accelerate their access to the health, education and economic resources that matter most,” he continues, “we are proud to deliver this powerful connectivity to our customers’ homes. As social distancing guidelines have forced many Canadians to transition to working from home, the advanced technology and unparalleled speeds of our PureFibre network are providing enhanced access to digital healthcare solutions, enabling virtual education and powering teleworking capabilities that fuel economic productivity and diversity.”

A 100% FTTP network means that every leg of the Telus PureFibre network is built with state-of-the-art fibre optics, right up to the connection which physically attaches to the home or business, says Telus. This is critical for those who want to make the most of the fastest upload and download speeds while simultaneously running multiple high bandwidth applications on a single connection. Legacy networks run fibre only to a central location in a neighbourhood, with a non-fibre connection to the home, which severely limits upload speeds. 

At 940 Mbps, Telus PureFibre’s top upload speed is over 37 times faster than the upload speeds of other widely available plans in Western Canada. Networks that are 100 per cent fibre also enable high-speed download and upload speeds, higher overall speed capabilities, and are more reliable, says Telus.

Telus 1.5 Gigabit Internet is available for $165/mo. on a two-year term.