Telus Launches Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, Wi-Fi Plus Service in Western Canada

Telus PureFibre customers now have access to two Wi-Fi solutions backed by the company’s pure fibre-to-the-home network. The first is the Telus Wi-Fi 6 access point with tri-band technology, and the second is Wi-Fi Plus, which customizes Wi-Fi service for reliable, whole-home coverage.

With a dedicated support team, network security, and professional installation, customers can enjoy fast home Wi-Fi speeds with the Wi-Fi 6 access point and whole-home coverage with Wi-Fi Plus.

“Our advanced Wi-Fi 6 access point and new Wi-Fi Plus service are changing the game for how our customers connect,” says Zainul Mawji, Executive Vice President and President, Home Solutions & Customer Excellence. “We all know what it feels like to have that one spot in our home where the Wi-Fi connection just isn’t as strong, and the frustration that can cause ourselves and our families. We’re alleviating that pain point by providing whole-home coverage, all while delivering a more responsive gaming experience for players, extending the battery life of our connected devices, enhancing network security, and offering our customers a dedicated support line – an industry first. Our advancements in Wi-Fi will ultimately give our customers peace of mind so that they never have to worry about the reliability, safety, coverage, or speed of every connected device and their household Wi-Fi connection again.”

With Wi-Fi Plus, the Wi-Fi network should work optimally in every corner of the home. When subscribers sign up for Wi-Fi Plus, technicians perform a customized installation experience to best determine the optimal number and location of access points throughout the home to ensure a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Telus also offers access to a dedicated group of experts that can be booked when it’s most convenient for the customer. Additionally, Wi-Fi Plus delivers network security so that every connected device in the home is protected from malicious content and hackers.

Sleek in design, the Wi-Fi 6 access point boasts an ultra-fast connection backed by Telus’ PureFibre Network, enabling the company to seamlessly increase bandwidth and capacity to deliver fast Internet and Wi-Fi speeds to customers. Wi-Fi 6 reduces lag during video conferencing when working from home, offers a more responsive gaming experience for players, extends the battery life of connected devices, improves wireless network security, and enables faster speeds for everyone at home, even when multiple devices are connected, says Telus.

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Plus are available to all new and existing Telus PureFibre customers in B.C. and Alberta.