TOA Announces M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer 

TOA Canada has announced the release of the M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer series, dedicated to commercial and professional audio applications. Easy to implement and manage, the M-8080D offers software driven state-of-the-art signal processing in a cost-effective package with extended remote controller options for enhanced operational capabilities. 

Trusted for small to large scale buildings, this professional audio product is an ideal complement to TOA’s earlier notifications solutions. The powerful onboard DSP provides a full set of audio processing functions while maintaining the versatility to operate in a broad range of system requirements. “The new DSP enhances our already strong position in the paging and zone management market”, stated TOA Canada Director Rico Lucia. “We have already seen the M-8080D series being added to current project designs for large manufacturing buildings, sports facilities, and education institutions. Engineers, consultants and even dealers have been asking for a piece of equipment that is reliable and yet flexible enough to drive PA systems from the simplest to the most complex.”

The high-performance M-8080D possesses 8 analog inputs x 8 analog outputs, along with an additional 4 digital inputs x 4 digital outputs. DSP functions for mic and line inputs include compressor, ducking, and feedback compression. There is also a five-band EQ (LPF and HPF) for IN and eight- band EQ (LPF and HPF) for OUT along with auto mixer and delay. The M-8080D is accompanied by a series of controllers to expand the capabilities of the system and improve end user experience. There is a push-to-talk gooseneck remote microphone, with zone selector up to 12 different zones. The remote audio control panel with touch screen offers simple control functions for end users at a touch of button. There are three different remote control panels that perform volume control and other functions depending on the requirements of the system. The extension module contains four additional ports to extend the number of ports for connecting remote devices.

Manage the entire system through a PC utilizing the software control GUI that comes with the series. Quickly and easily configure the equipment for a variety of audio and paging systems. TOA Canada’s new M-8080D delivers the necessary features for sophisticated sound systems and paging solutions.