TOA A-800D digital mixer amplifier

TOA Canada Releases Next Generation Digital Mixer Amplifier

TOA Canada Corporation has revamped its A-700 series amplifiers by developing the new A-800D Digital Mixer Amplifier series.

The new mixer amplifier has up to eight inputs and up to 480W of power. The intuitive browser-based control and monitoring from anywhere reduces time troubleshooting and adjusting systems, says TOA.

Boasting a sleek new appearance with two available 900 series module slots, its ideal for background and foreground music, paging, and noise masking applications.

“The market has anticipated the release of A-800D series and the key upgrades that come along with it,” says Warren Strem, TOA Canada’s Western Regional Sales Manager. “I expect a strong response from our dealers once they get their hands on it.”

The A-800S comes in three power variation, 120W, 240W, 480W, offering a solution for a wide range of project sizes. With the web browser capabilities, you can view input and output levels and amplifier status remotely. This remote control permits adjustments to the speaker volume by both the web browser and optional remote volume controller.


“We believe people want to use handheld devices with the ability to control sound system,” says Rico Lucia, Director and General Manager of TOA Canada stated. “It just makes their job easier.”   

The new A-800D Digital Mixer Amplifier integrates with TOA’s VM-3000 emergency voice announcement system. This enhancement accepts emergency calls, which mutes or overrides local sound, like background music, and broadcasts the announcement.

Select from a variety of TOA 900 series input modules, including the SP-11N VoIP phone paging module, the NM-1 noise masking module, or the WTU-M9800 AM wireless microphone receiver module.

TOA A-800D digital mixer amplifier