TOA Personal PA System

TOA Launches Personal PA System to Control Crowds

TOA Canada has released its new wearable ER-1000A-BT Personal PA System, which helps retailers and other large venues to deliver clear audio instructions to big groups of people, safely in a way that everyone can hear.

“We’ve all been at a school function or sporting event and had trouble hearing the voice of the person in charge,” says Regional Sales Manager Don Angus. “They need to find a way to amplify their voice, and that’s where the Personal PA System comes in.”

The wearable equipment has a slightly curved design to fit over the waist. Your voice is projected loudly and clearly, even in a noisy environment, thanks to the built-in digital amplifier and an optimized frequency for speech. The lightweight system will cover a range of up to 100 metres (300 feet), is very easy to operate, and runs on either six (9 V DC) Alkaline batteries or six (7.2 V DC) rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Maintaining the same quality and build of the original ER-1000 model on which this new version is based, the new design features an AUX input terminal that allows public address announcements to be executed with your favourite music as well.

TOA Personal PA System

A significant upgrade, however, is also the addition of Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the PA system with a compatible device, like a smartphone or audio player, to use that as the source for music. It can be used as a personal megaphone and speaker simultaneously.

TOA says the equipment is ideal for sports classes, sporting officials, guided tours, directing traffic, and other security-and-safety-related applications. From a retail perspective, it might also come in handy during the pandemic as shops re-open and employees must manage potential line-ups and in-store capacities, and as people must maintain a six-foot social distance from one another.