TOA Canada network horn

TOA Two-Way Network Horn Offers Intelligible Conversation

TOA Canada Corporation has introduced its new bi-directional IP-SC15MC horn, an outdoor horn that delivers rich, extended speech range with a built-in microphone for speech talkback and external environment monitoring.

The horn is designed to be part of a system that ensures the safety of staff and visitors, offering a quick and easy way to have two-way dialogue.

The IP-SC15MC is a network horn speaker that can receive broadcasts initiated by other terminals or servers. The horn easily integrates with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) systems and works well with a video management system (VMS), while supporting audio for camera tie-ins.

TOA Canada network horn

The device is also IP66 rated and can withstand temperatures as low as -45 °C, making it ideal for outdoor use. Powered by PoE/PoE+, the horn hosts audio file stored for playback and provides an external dry-contact out for external device control.

Users can easily configure the device through a web browser. With loop fault detection function, the horn can also provide regular updates on its operation status.