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Snap One Launches Triad PDX Speaker Series

Snap One has introduced the new Triad PDX Series architectural speakers that combine both premium audio with simplified installation thanks to Push Lock by Shawm technology.

Coined “PDX” in homage to the Portland Airport, the city in which each speaker is custom designed and engineered, the series includes 23 speakers and 19 accessories, including optional custom-coloured grilles, rear enclosures, and pre-construction brackets.

“The PDX series marks the first Triad launch since the Snap One and Control4 merger in 2019, and it truly embodies the benefits of both companies coming together,” says Alex Zaliauskas, Director of Product Management for Speakers at Snap One. “We have incorporated the installation features that partners love about Signature by Episode speakers and leveraged Snap One’s resources to build a premium, better performing Triad speaker with Push Lock technology – all while staying true to the Triad brand through engineering, sound quality and performance.

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“The Triad PDX Series,” he continues, “brings the best of both worlds: premium Triad sound for distributed audio, media and multipurpose rooms, home theatres and beyond, as well as ease-of-installation and onsite security for our partners and their customers. The marriage of simplified installation technology with Triad’s legacy of excellence in engineering, construction and performance is one that our partners have been asking for – and now it’s a reality.” 

Triad PDX uses high-performance materials and components like carbon fiber, Kevlar, Teteron, dual voice coils, chemically etched metal components, and more. The infusion of Kevlar into carbon fiber for the woofer is unique to Triad PDX, says the company.

To make installation simple, Triad PDX uses Push Lock, an exclusive toolless mounting solution specifically designed for Snap One. The proprietary installation technology is employed in Signature by Episode speakers, which allows for an upgrade path to a more premium product by securing the speaker with the press of a button for fast and secure installation.

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The two-piece baffle/speaker module assembly allows partners to easily remove the speaker while leaving the cradle and grille in the ceiling or wall, preventing the speaker from being stolen or damaged during the construction process and allowing for HVAC pressure testing for certification of occupancy. 

The series also includes helpful accessories like construction brackets that offer flexibility during a new build or install process, rear enclosures for all models that can control air volume and sound propagation to adjacent rooms, and replacement grilles for all models that can be painted and custom-ordered to match the project aesthetics.

Further, the Triad PDX series is the first Triad line to launch in local stores and worldwide in the U.S., Canada, EMEA, and APAC regions.

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“The Triad PDX Series is ideal for partners who want and need to bring the Triad sound into architectural speaker applications such as distributed audio, home theatres, media rooms, and multi-room audio projects,” continues Zaliauskas. “These speakers have been expertly engineered and tirelessly refined to provide the best audio experience possible. Now, pairing that with easy installation, partners have premium sound from sturdy, customizable, beautiful and easy-to-install architectural speakers at their fingertips.”