weBoost Home Studio

weBoost Home Studio Cell Booster is Designed For Small Living Spaces

Wilson Electronics has introduced the new weBoost Home Studio, a compact indoor cellular signal booster that’s designed for smaller living spaces, like studio condos or apartments.

Compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in North America, the booster helps afford optimal call quality, fewer dead zones, uninterrupted texts, and faster data streaming, says the company. 

The Home Studio employs a sleek, two-component design, making it the most compact booster in weBoost’s residential product lineup.

With a max gain of 60 dB and a powerful outside directional antenna, the Home Studio can reach far away cell towers. It is also optimized for the continued rollout of 5G.

“As the pandemic continues, we’re spending more time inside our homes, which makes staying connected more important than ever before,” says Wilson Electronics’ CEO Bruce Lancaster. “Whether working and learning remotely or virtually connecting with friends and family, the Home Studio is the perfect solution to ensure strong cell signal at home no matter what cellular-connected device you’re using.”

The Home Studio comes with the inside antenna attached along with an outside directional antenna, outside antenna mounting hardware, power supply, and cables. The exterior antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. It receives this outside signal and amplifies it using a series of low noise amplifiers and filters. This amplified signal is broadcast through the inside antenna and back to the tower, providing stronger, more reliable calls, texting and data in the living space. 

weBoost Home Studio

Certified by the FCC and Industry Canada and pre-approved by all carriers, the weBoost Home Studio is now available for purchase for $500.