Whoosh! screen cleaner reusable bottle

WHOOSH! Gets Eco-Friendly with New Cleaning Concentrate in Reusable Bottles

WHOOSH!, known for its line of screen cleaning products, is going eco-friendly with its latest version that includes reusable bottles and cartridges.

Each bottle comes with a concentrate of the proprietary WHOOSH! formula that you need only add water to in order to use. Once the bottle is empty, replace the cartridge of concentrate with a new one in the same bottle, refill with water once again, and repeat as needed. The bottles have a lock top to prevent spills or leaks, and come in 1, 3, and 16-ounce sizes.

“We strive to develop cleaning solutions for consumer electronics that are both effective and safe for families and the environment,” says WHOOSH! CEO Julius Kirschner. “Our new dispensing system for both the screen cleaner and Sanitech products will reduce plastic waste by keeping bottles out of landfills and providing customers an eco-friendlier option of clean.

“We use our tech devices everywhere,” Kirschner adds, “the restroom, the gym, where we eat, we even sleep with them. Did you know 30 per cent of viruses can be transferred from your screen to your fingers? Knowing what we know, we will continue to innovate products that clean and sanitize electronics for everyday use with confidence.

While WHOOSH! always has a big presence at CES with its signature orange and white booth and staff offering phone cleaning services to long line-ups of attendees, the company has decided to participate in this year’s event virtually. With that said, while you can’t demo the new cleaner concentrate and see the bottles in person, the new WHOOSH! refillable bottles and cartridges will be available in January 2022.