Wi-Fi World Congress

Wi-Fi World Congress Coming to Canada for the First Time

The Wi-Fi World Congress and Expo Event North American (WWC) will be holding its first-ever Canadian conference this September in Toronto. The event, which will take place from September 18-20, will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts from across the global industry for a three-day conference program.

The WWC is hosted by the industry association Wi-Fi NOW and its community of more than 20,000 actively engaged Wi-Fi professionals from every industry segment. Opening day of Monday, September 18 will be Training Day where various Wi-Fi NOW Academy training programs on new Wi-Fi technology, applications, and use cases will take place. On Tuesday, September 19, First Congress Day, the focus will be on products, technologies, and innovations in Wi-Fi for the smart home, devices, and evolution. The second day of the event, Wednesday, September 20, will provide an in-depth look at Wi-Fi for the next-generation enterprise featuring speakers from service providers, tech vendors, industry organizations and more. There will also be an exhibit hall open on September 19 and 20 from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. both days with live showcases of the best in Wi-Fi innovation.

“More than 500 world and Canadian Wi-Fi leaders including North America’s top service providers, vendors, and industry organizations will be part of the WWC,” says Claus Hetting, CEO and Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW. “Education, industry advancement and supporting the Canadian Wi-Fi business are the primary goals of the conference.”

Wi-Fi World Congress

Leading industry speakers on the program include: Matt MacPherson, Cisco Wireless CTO; Mathieu Provost, Bell; Taj Manku, Cognitive Systems; Carlos Aguirre, Intel; Maureen Gallagher, Vice President, Wi-Fi Alliance; Ganesh Swaminathan, Qualcomm; Bart Giordano, Ruckus (CommScope); and Charles Cheevers, CommScope.

“As always our catchwords for the conference will be innovation and opportunity,” adds Hetting.

Some of the highlight topics for the WWC include: How to create exceptional Wi-Fi experiences for the home and businesses (including spaces like offices, hotels, arenas, stadiums, and more); Wi-Fi as a socio-economic imperative in all countries and its evolvement to meet the demands of new standards such as Wi-Fi6E and Wi-Fi; Canada on the forefront of regulation for unlicensed bands with the allocation of 1,200 MHz of new 6 GHz spectrum to hugely improved connectivity services; New Wi-Fi standards and the delivery of gigabits of speed to loads of new devices including AR and VR; How Wi-Fi continues to increasingly connect smart home devices with new standards making the IoT opportunity more significant; New tech will allow Wi-Fi ‘offload’ (meaning no need for indoor cellular systems, phones will switch to Wi-Fi instead for excellent indoor coverage); ’Smart everything’ needs to be connected (offices, hotels, industry, cities, and more (and because Wi-Fi is in every device, Wi-Fi is the tech of choice to make it happen); and a Discussion on how the 6 GHz spectrum will impact the world of unlicensed fixed wireless access in Canada and the U.S. for better broadband competition.

The Wi-Fi World Congress is being held at the Omni King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto. Registration is now open.