WORXNitro snow blower

WORXNitro 40V 20-inch Snow Blower is Wireless, Battery Operated

WORX has introduced its latest snow blower, the WORXNitro, a 40V, 20-inch model that runs on a rechargeable battery and is thus completely wireless.

The snow blower has a brushless motor and can help with snowfalls as high as 10 inches (that’s 25.4cm for the Canadian folks). It does not use gas, oil, or spark plugs but rather a pair of 20W 4.0Ah max lithium batteries for delivering a total 40V of power. This means you don’t have to worry about gas or carburetors going bad at the beginning of the season or between snowfalls, says WORX, nor about costly tune-ups.

With a push-button start, the portable snow blower can hurl dry snow up to 20 feet using its 180° adjustable discharge chute with deflector. The brushless motor provides up to 50% longer run time, 25% more power, and 10 times longer life than standard brushed motors. It runs cooler as well with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors, resulting in smooth, reliable operation, says WORX. The snow blower’s brushless motor has a no-load speed of 2,300 rpm.

WORXNitro snow blower

The 20V batteries are compatible with up to 100 other WORX 20V, 40V, and 80V DIY and lawn and garden tools and lifestyle products. The auger is 20 inches wide and 10 inches high to churn up and lift snow from its path.

Weighing 41.9 lbs., the snow blower features a fully collapsible handle and a built-in carrying handle for easy storage or transport. The machine’s 8-inch wheels provide traction and mobility. Dual front LED lights provide visibility at dusk and nighttime operation. The LEDs automatically go on once the snow blower is powered on and the bail handle is squeezed.

Ideal conditions for the cordless snow blower are freshly fallen, dry fluffy snow. For wet snow conditions, remove the snow in intervals to avoid motor strain. The snow blower’s maximum depth capacity is 10 inches. However, during heavy snow falls run the snow blower in stages to reduce the load. Also, when positioning the discharge chute, note the wind’s direction so the snow isn’t thrown back in the direction of the operator or path being cleared.

WORXNitro snow blower

When it comes to the clumps of snow at the end of the driveway that result from municipal snowplows, consider removing these with a shovel before proceeding. This wilk help prevent heavy snow and chunks of ice from getting into the snow blower’s path.

The two WORX 20V, 4.0Ah max lithium batteries are seated side-by-side in a sealed compartment. An external indicator displays how much power remains before both batteries need charging. A 4-amp dual-port battery charger is included and takes two hours to bring both batteries to a full charge. Run time varies based on snow removal conditions. When not in use, it’s recommended to bring the batteries inside the house until needed. Prolonged cold temperatures can affect a battery’s performance.

The WORXNitro 40V Power Share 20-inch snow blower (WG471) is available at shopworx.ca and Amazon.ca for about $580. It comes with the two batteries and a 4-amp dual-port charger. The snow blower is covered by the WORX five-year limited warranty.