Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 That Moves With You Is Shipping Soon

The latest version of Amazon’s smart display, the Echo Show 10, adds an interesting twist: while it offers all of the same Alexa voice control features as any other Amazon Echo smart speaker and display, along with the ability to add video to the mix, the screen actually moves to follow you.

Why would you want the screen to follow you? If you’re video chatting with someone but moving around the room, such as prepping a birthday cake for yet another Zoom virtual birthday party, cooking in the kitchen while someone is helping you, or just chatting with friends while multitasking, the screen will ensure that you are always in the frame, no matter where you move (as long as you are within the display’s view, of course). Also, if you’re watching a video, like a step-by-step video recipe or your favourite show, the screen will move so that you can always see what’s going on, whether you are walking over to the knife block to grab a Chef’s Knife or popping over to the oven to check on the pie crust.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The 10.1″ HD display also has adaptive brightness and colour along with built-in dual front-firing tweeters, a powerful woofer, and directional sound that adapts to your space. Its 13MP camera has a 110-degree field-of-view and pans, zoom, and auto-frames so that you are always the centre of attention during calls, or while snapping photos.

You can conduct video calls with family and friends from the screen, watch TV shows and movies from popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and check out recipes on SideChef.

Amazon Echo Show 10 in white

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is currently available for pre-oprder for $330 and comes in charcoal or glacier white.