LG PuriCare AeroTower air purifier

LG Will Reveal the Sleek PuriCare AeroTower Air Purifier at CES 2022

LG is one of many companies providing a sneak-peek into what they will be announcing at CES in early January 2022. And one such product is the PuriCare AeroTower air purifying fan, which melds both purification technology and stylish aesthetic.

The LG PuriCare AeroTower air purifying fan delivers purified air 360° throughout the room via three airflow modes: Heating Mode, Fan Mode, and Diffusion Mode. Use Heating Mode for a blast of warm air on a chilly day, up to 30° Celsius maximum, capable of increasing the room air temperature by 5°C in under 10 minutes. Fan Mode produces a refreshing breeze and provides customized comfort with 10 levels of airflow intensity. Diffusion Mode, meanwhile, ensures optimal quality indoor air in any season, delivering clean, filtered air upward and outward through the Air Guard diffuser for wider, more powerful air circulation.

Employing LG’s Air Valley technology, the air purifier creates a canyon of air that follows a given surface. Commonly known as the Coandă effect, this results is a consistent, comfortable breeze that can be felt throughout the room, says LG. The PuriCare AeroTower’s tapered, vertical vanes only emit 23dB of wind noise so they run quietly while the sleek cylindrical design offers a modern aesthetic to with any décor. It will come in two colours, beige or silver.

LG PuriCare AeroTower air purifier

LG PuriCare AeroTower comes certified by international testing agencies such as IBR Laboratories for improving indoor air quality. Multi-stage True HEPA Filters captures 99.97% of different types of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. An additional benefit comes in the form of LG UVnano technology which employs ultraviolet-C light to reduce the presence of bacteria that often collect on the fan.

Using the LG ThinQ app or viewing the LCD on the front, you can quickly check air quality data. The Android and iOS app also allows for the device to be monitored in real time and settings adjusted from outside the home.

“Our new PuriCare AeroTower air purifying fan was designed with today’s home lifestyle trend in mind,” says Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Whether its cooling, heating or purifying, this device does it all and looks great while doing it.”