TCL 144Hz mini LED

CES 2022: TCL Will Release its First 144Hz Mini LED TV Series in 2022

TCL Electronics plans to launch its 144Hz Mini LED TVs in 2022, focused on delivering a more responsive and fluid video gaming experience for gamers when playing at high frames-per-second (fps).  

The latest consoles offer a growing number of video games that play at 120 fps, notes TCL, and have optimized many popular older games to play at 120 fps as well. TCL Mini LED TVs with as high as 144Hz refresh rate can provide an important edge, especially for competitive multiplayer games where split-second reaction times are crucial to victory. Meanwhile, TCL says casual gamers will appreciate the extra responsiveness in gameplay.

Powered by TCL’s Mini LED technology, this new generation of TVs have over 1,000 local dimming zones.

More details of 2022 TCL Mini LED TVs will be disclosed later in this quarter.