Dirac and Analog Devices

Dirac and ADI Collaborate on Automotive Audio Solution

Swedish digital audio company Dirac has announced a collaboration with U.S.-based semiconductor company Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) to combine Dirac’s new digital solution for entry-level audio systems with ADI’s automotive processors to “create a more complete, bundled offer for ADI’s global automotive customer base.”

With Dirac’s digital solution, ADI’s automotive customers will be able to achieve an optimized acoustic performance and immersive sound experience more easily, quickly, cost-efficiently and consistently across their entry-level sound systems. These are typically the basic systems supplied in cars, which use up to nine speakers.

Dirac and ADI have worked indirectly together for years, separately supplying component solutions to leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Through this direct collaboration, the companies will be able to more effectively scale their bundled solutions to reach more customers worldwide.

Launched in March 2021, Dirac’s new solution for entry-level systems is built on the company’s 15-year legacy working in the high-end space. It features new innovations that address the specific needs of the entry-level sound systems. 

Dirac and Analog Devices

“For over 15 years, Dirac has been a pioneer in the automotive audio space, working with numerous luxury and premium brands, including a deep partnership with Volvo, to design and integrate Dirac’s digital solutions in their vehicle sound systems to create tailored, perfected sound experiences,” says Lars Carlsson, Head of Business Development, Automotive, at Dirac. “Now, thanks to new innovations and product developments, we’re actively expanding to cover the entire automotive industry, a process that will be greatly accelerated through our collaboration with ADI.”

“ADI,” Carlsson adds, “is one of the industry’s most respected and in-demand manufacturers of premium semiconductor solutions for the automotive market, and through this collaboration, we will together be able to deliver the entire automotive space a complete solution that levels up the performance of sound systems.”

Dirac’s digital solution, which can now be bundled with ADI processors, is built on an all-in-one intelligent audio platform comprised of a measurement system, tuning tools, sound optimization algorithms, and hardware interface platform.

The intelligent audio platform features the industry’s first semi-automatic tuning system based on scientific measurements that optimizes performance and delivers signature sound in a way that is efficient, consistent, and predictable, says Dirac.

The Dirac platform also includes patented digital sound optimization and spatialization technologies that vary depending on the level of speaker system. For entry systems, the available technologies are measurement-based magnitude response correction, patented virtual bass, and virtual centre – to tackle common acoustic challenges like negative car cabin impact, unbalanced soundstage, and lack of immersion.  For higher range systems, Dirac offers solutions like sound stage widening and active comfort zone.

“Our SHARC processor line offers ultra-low latency and determinism to meet the needs of a fast-growing assortment of exciting audio applications, including active noise cancelation, in-car communications, and personal audio zones,” says Andrew Lanfear, Automotive Audio Processor Product Line Director, ADI. “The SHARC portfolio seamlessly scales from entry-level to premium sound systems and, when combined with Dirac’s solution, elevates automotive audio to new heights. Dirac’s ability to overcome the physical limitations of audio systems, coupled with their scalable software solutions, make Dirac a perfect match for Analog Devices’ SHARC processor portfolio,”

The recently released ADSP-2156x family of automotive SHARC processors is available in a range of clock speeds from 400 MHz to 1 GHz, offering performance scalability across a broad range of audio applications, including sound synthesis and noise cancellation. Featuring up to 1.6 MB of on-chip SRAM, enhanced FIR/IIR hardware accelerators, and a digital audio interface, the ADSP-2156x processors are specifically designed for real-time audio processing applications.

The Dirac entry-level solution will be made available for ADI hardware integration and will leverage Analog Devices’ global network of automotive customers that are increasingly prioritizing audio performance as a key differentiator in the vehicle.