Erikson Multimedia Announces Toy Brand Receives Award Recognition

Playshifu, a manufacturer of immersive toys that connect the digital and physical worlds using immersive technology has announced the company’s Tacto Doctor, the world’s first interactive doctor set for kids that introduces them to the basics of healthcare through hands-on play has been nominated for a TOTY Award, the toy industry’s “Oscar” Awards that select the best toys of the year. 

It builds upon pretend play by combining STEM learning with story-driven digital games. These games teach kids the correct way to use the doctor’s instruments with instant feedback. Tacto Doctor helps visualize the bones, stomach, and other organs on screen with interactive play pieces such as X-rays and ultrasounds. The company calls Tacto Doctor “a truly innovative 21st-century game set for young learners.’

“As PlayShifu’s exclusive distributor in Canada, we are thrilled to see such an outstanding product receive the recognition it deserves,” said Jocelyn Rowcliffe – Director of Merchandising of Erikson Multimedia. “The Tacto Doctor is a game that creates a real impact in child development, and just like the rest of PlayShifu’s range of educational toys, takes education and play to the next level.” 

The Toy Foundation’s TOTY Awards recognize the top toys, games, and licenses across 17 categories of play. This year’s finalists were selected by a panel of judges comprised of play experts, journalists, academics, retailers, and other toy experts, who considered each nominated product’s creativity and originality, design and quality, and play value. 

Playshifu toys are specially designed for kids aged 4 to 12 years and was founded in 2016 by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal after they saw a need to provide meaningful digital play experiences for their kids.  Over one million kids, parents, and educators have purchased Playshifu games.

Erikson Multimedia, the Consumer Electronics division of Exertis | JAM, is the exclusive distributor for PlayShifu.

Playing doctor has certainly evolved since I was a kid!