Exertis Pro AV Canada Becomes Stand-Alone AV Distributor

Exertis Pro AV Canada has announced the official arrival of the distribution company, bringing a Canadian-based operation and warehousing solution that allows the company to have dynamic control over stock and shipping and added flexibility to meet all customer unique needs.

Exertis Pro AV Canada will rely on the operational resources of parent company, Montreal-based Exertis|JAM (a DCC business) for warehousing and accounting.  Exertis Canada stresses that the company is exclusively Canadian with Canadian sales reps, Canadian PM Team, Canadian marketing, Canadian warehousing and Canadian business operations, providing an end-to-end, homegrown experience.  The emphasis comes from Exertis Canada previously being a branch of Exertis USA based in Buffalo, New York.

The Canadian Team – Day One

“After the challenges of the last few years, we recognized the industry needed an AV distributor managed in Canada by Canadians for Canadian resellers,” said Raad Raad, Vice President of Exertis Pro AV Canada. “I am thrilled to be leading this next evolution of commercial AV distribution in Canada.”

Exertis Canada will rely on their social media channels over the coming weeks to introduce new team members team members. For the distributor’s latest offers, product updates and news, the company will rely on their new corporate website exertiscanada.com.