Gentec Becomes Exclusive Distributor for Mizco

Mizco is the organization behind brands such as Digipower, Refuel, ToughTested, and iEssentials.

Gentec International has announced that it has entered into an exclusive Canadian distribution partnership with Mizco International effective January 1 2022. Mizco is the organization behind brands such as Digipower, Refuel, ToughTested, and iEssentials.

A DigiPower vlogging kit for a work from home environment.

“Gentec and Mizco have a shared desire to build high quality and cutting-edge CE accessories. This partnership will provide Canadian Dealers with Gentec’s renowned Sales, Marketing, and Operational services for Mizco brands. We are looking forward to expanding the Digipower and ToughTested brands in the Canadian marketplace, along with developing new innovative and quality accessories” stated- Jordan Seigel, Director of Marketing and Product Development.

ToughTested is a line favoured by industry professionals such as those in Fire, EMS and roadside emergency

Founded in 1987, Mizco International has been a leader in the consumer electronics accessory market specializing in portable power management and digital charging solutions for both the consumer and industrial market.  For example, ToughTested is designed for professionals with demands to meet a 12-hour work shift in extreme working conditions such as noisy trucks, unpaved roads and continuous usage, on or off the job. All products are designed for reliability and tested beyond industry standards. DigiPower is a category leader in power-tech accessories for the consumer user with proprietary battery and charging solutions for portable consumer electronic devices. DigiPower has also added a line of vlogging kits to aid those in a work from home business environment. It has been positioned as a premium brand with superior quality products for all wireless devices with patented chargers that offer multiple battery charging solutions. Refuel has become a favourite with weekend warriors for their battery accessories for well-known brands such as GoPro.