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Harman Partners With Austere for Home Theatre Cables

Harman has partnered with Austere to offer the company’s home theatre cables with its various audio products.

Austere, which just launched to the industry a few years ago, is the brainchild of industry veteran Deena Ghazarian, who came up with the idea for the company as a way to fill a gap in the market that left two distinct choices: products that are outdated, break, or underperform, and those that are overly extravagant. With Austere, Ghazarian told us when we talked with her in late 2019, just when the company was bringing its products to market, aims to offer quality cables that focus just as much on form as they do function. (Check out David Susilo’s review of the HDMI cable).

“An emphasis on reflecting owners’ styles and complementing the sleek devices they already own, as well as providing elite performance, sets Austere apart from the aggressively masculine and dated accessories and perfectly complement the elegance and sleek products from Harman,” says the company in a prepared announcement.

Austere products are available now on, which enables JBL customers to select the Austere cable perfectly matched with JBL soundbars and subwoofers to ensure optimal performance. This suggested pairing takes the guesswork out of finding the correct complementary cables that are optimal for JBL home theatre audio. 

Austere HDMI Cables

Austere products will also be offered as the preferred cable solutions for JBL soundbars and subwoofers as featured accessories in discerning retail partners. “Placing the selected Austere cables next to JBL audio products allows customers to immediately choose the ideal cable complement to JBL audio products,” says Austere, “and eliminates the guesswork and disappointment customers may have choosing other cables.”

“Being partners with Harman to provide home theatre accessories to their audio solutions for home theatre is an exceptional validation for Austere,” comments Ghazarian. “Like Austere, Harman and its brands are committed to both exceptional performance and style. While we are deploying initially with JBL products, and joint retailers, our partnership will take us far beyond.”

“JBL and Harman are committed to ensuring our customers have an exceptional home theatre audio experience, which is why this strategic partnership makes sense and why we selected Austere,” adds Daniel Lee, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Audio North America at JBL, Harman International Corp. “The combination of our home theatre products creates flawless audio solutions that exceed expectations. They are the obvious choice for our products and our customers.”