A.bsolument vintage radio

Focal Naim America Adds A.bsolument for North America Sales Distribution

Montreal-based Focal Naim America has been appointed as the North America distributor for A.bsolument, which offers vintage radios with a modern twist.

Established in France in 2015, A.bsolument is based on Real Vintage Radio. A.bsolument’s founder, Arthur Verne, renovated radios from the 1930s to the ’80s, integrating Bluetooth as well as updated amplifiers and Focal drivers, giving modern technology a retro look. Each product is a unique piece with its own story and labeled both “Focal Inside” and “Made in France.” “Focal Inside” identifies the modernized radios equipped with Focal speakers.

“Our range of radios represent our expertise of the uniqueness of connected speakers that are a mix of design and audiophile sound quality thanks to the Focal speakers,” says Verne.

“We were meant to collaborate with our French expertise, a remarkable quality of sustainable and artisanal design and conception, as well as an immense passion for music and the goal to always go higher to satisfy consumers the best way we can,” adds Romain Vet, Vice President, Marketing of Focal Naim America.

A.bsolument vintage radios

Three product ranges have been developed, including vintage radios, transistor radios, and boomboxes. Vintage Radio (1930s-1960s) are ideal to provide a retro feel to a modern living room, while the Transistor Radio from the ’70s incorporates Bluetooth technology and up to 12 hours of battery life for wireless use. Traveling back to the ’80s, A.bsolument offers Boomboxes with original features like a cassette player and FM radio but adds Bluetooth connectivity and a 20-hour rechargeable battery.

These vintage audio products with modern twists, however, will set you back a pretty penny. The Vintage and Transistor Radios will be available immediately in Canada for $1,560 each with a two-year warranty. The Boomboxes are set to become available in late 2021.