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WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Photographers & Content Creators

Photographers and content creator are creative types who love to capture moments of all kinds. Whether they’re into serious photography with advanced cameras and lenses or love to capture videos at home for social media, these gifts will delight.

Fujifilm Tripod Grip TG-BT1

Fujifilm Tripod Grip

Designed to be used with Fujifilm X Series cameras, the Fujifilm Tripod Grip TG-BT1 connects to the camera wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it easy to start and stop video recording or take a photo without having to touch the camera. Equipped with an angled head, the Tripod Grip makes it easy to record stable video in horizontal or vertical orientation The camera platform can be rotated with the press of a button, easily transitioning for selfies or vlogging. It converts to a tabletop tripod and, thanks to weather-resistant construction, is suitable for a wide range of environments. Use the Tripod Grip as a Bluetooth wireless remote to snap still images, start or stop a movie recording, and even control zoom with compatible lenses, using buttons on the grip. This feature works with the Fujifilm X-T5 and X-T4, X-T3, X-T30 II, X-T30 and X-S10 via firmware update. The quick tilt function makes it easy to set the right angle to capture a variety of subjects and viewpoints. Equipped with a dust- and moisture-resistant housing, the Tripod Grip is cable-free which means you can keep the camera connector cover closed to prevent moisture and dirt from getting into that as well. The buttons are easily accessible for smooth and intuitive operation. As per the name, it’s not just a grip but also a tripod, with integrated legs that instantly convert it to a tripod stand for securing the camera when you need both hands free. $270

LG StanbyMe Mobile Wireless Display

Woman on couch with LG StanbyME

Introduced at CES 2022, the LG StanbyME is a new spin – quite literally – on the TV and computer monitor. Perfect for creative types who love modern aesthetics, move it around as needed on the stand and play videos, conduct video calls, work on photo editing, and more. Wirelessly stream content from an Android or iOS device, use it as a secondary computer monitor, or connect any source via HDMI or USB. It runs for up to three hours per charge, and the 27-inch touchscreen is large enough to be a decent TV or an oversized computer monitor. Oh yah, and it tilts, swivels, and rotates. It’s not cheap at $1,700, but it looks darn cool. And for creative types who film (and edit) in different locations of the home, it could make a huge difference.

Apple iPad Pro

RTI MS-3 music streamer

Perfect for creative types, the Apple iPad Pro comes equipped with the M2 chip and offers new support for the latest Apple Pencil that enhances the photo and video editing experience. New features in iPadOS 16 that content creators especially will appreciate include Stage Manager, full external display support, desktop-class apps, and Reference Mode. The new Apple Pencil (2nd generation) is now detected up to 12 mm above the display, allowing you to see a preview of the mark before making it. This also allows you to sketch and illustrate with greater precision. For example, with Scribble, text fields automatically expand when the pencil gets near the screen, and handwriting converts to text even faster. Third-party apps can also take advantage of this new feature to enable new marking and drawing experiences. Pricing starts at $1,100 for the Wi-Fi model and $1,300 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular, while the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil starts at $169.

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 4

When it comes to noise cancelling headphones, Sennheiser is among the best, combining both solid active noise cancellation (ANC) with premium audio quality. It’s the perfect balance for someone who’s into podcasting or wants to review the audio in video footage as they put together a video post, presentation, or other content. The Momentum 4 Wireless headphones are on-ear headphones that offer adaptive ANC, smart features, and a 60-hour battery life with fast charging for six hours of listening after a 10-minute charge. Use ANC to block out distracting sounds and activate Transparency Mode with the touch of a button in order to hear outside sounds when desired. The headphones work with the Sennheiser Smart Control app for customizing sound using the built-in EQ, sound modes, and a new Sound Personalization feature. The latter assesses your listening preferences and adjusts the audio accordingly. Using the advanced 2×2 digital beamforming microphone array and automatic wind noise suppression, the headphones are also effective for voice pick-up while engaging in phone calls – perfect for podcasting. Audiophiles will appreciate the lightweight, padded headband and deep cushioned earpads, along with the low-friction hinge mechanism that’s adjustable without placing excess pressure on your head. This means they can be comfortably worn around the neck when not actively listening as well, says Sennheiser. Fold them flat, meanwhile, to place into the slim case and slip into a bag or backpack. $460

Rocketbook Pro Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Pro with group of workers

A great way to jot down brainstorming ideas for a video, image lists, interview questions, interview notes, or even scripts, the Rocketbook Pro reusable notebook lets you take notes then upload them as digital, even transcribed, files. Erase and use the page again. The Rocketbook Pro features erasable, reusable Page Packs that you can write on using a Pilot FriXion pen, marker, or highlighter, then wipe the page clean with a damp cloth to erase. Before erasing, scan the notes and upload them to a favourite cloud app, like DropBox or Google Drive, as well as e-mail. With a reinforced hardcover and 360° flip design, it can lay flat in any position. Swap the page inserts that are made of Rocketbook’s patented reusable paper. Each Page Pack contains 20 back-and-front pages bound together with magnetic clips so you can easily interchange them thanks to the Pro’s magnetic spine. It comes in black, Sage Green, or Coast Blue in executive size for US$55 or letter for US$60. Each one comes with a Lined/Dot-Grid Page Pack, a Pilor FriXion pen, and a cleaning towel. Additional Page Packs starts at US$18 ea.

JBL Quantum Stream USB Mic

JBL Quantum Stream

The JBL Quantum Stream USB dual-condenser USB microphone ($140) can be used for recording videos, podcasts, live streaming, or vlogging. A reversible stand provides 360° movement, or mount in other ways. It has a pair of 14mm dual-capsule Electret condenser with 24-bit and 96kHz sampling rate. Two selectable voice pickup patterns allow you to focus the microphone’s capture on just one speaker’s voice or capture everyone’s voice in the room if recording a podcast or on a group call. Tap the top button to mute, which will activate an RGB indicator light for ease of use when in the middle of a battle or conference call. Set-up is simple with the universal mounting solution and voice monitoring control. Mount the stand to fit your gaming setup and control your voice volume directly on the microphone.

BenQ DesignVue 31.5-inch Ultra HD Monitor 

BenQ monitor

If you’re looking for a big desktop monitor for reviewing photography, editing videos, and more, check out the BenQ DesignVue 31.5-inch monitor. It offers ultra-HD 4K resolution with 10-bit support and 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. The 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms GTG response time means it will keep up with all your applications and windows. With multiple ports, you can connect plenty of peripherals as well. The included adjustable stand can tilt, swivel, and even rotate the monitor to portrait orientation if needed. $1,550

Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Fujifilm X-H2S camera

For photographers, the Fujifilm X-H2 mirrorless digital camera features a new, back-illuminated 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor and the high-speed X-Processor 5. It’s dubbed the “world’s first” APS-C camera to enable 8K/30P Apple ProRes internal recording. With a high-resolution 40.2MP sensor and fast shutter speeds, you can leave the aperture wide open in bright or high-contrast conditions such as on a sunny beach or a ski slope, or to instantly freeze motion down to a millisecond. With the new sensor, 8K movies can be recorded internally at 30P in 4:2:2 10-bit colour. It delivers up to 2x of digital zoom with little-to-no loss in resolution, when recording video in 4K, even with a prime lens attached to the camera. With Fujifilm’s Fujinon XF18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR lens, zoom movements seamlessly transition to the digital zoom function when the lens reaches its maximum focal length. X-Processor 5 features subject-detection AF based on deep learning technology that automatically detects and tracks a broad and diverse range of subjects, including animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and trains. The 79 weather-sealed points offer a high level of dust and moisture resistance so they can take it virtually anywhere, including temperatures as low as -10°C. The top panel LCD, adjustable AF ON button, 1.62 million-dot vari-angle LCD monitor. X-H2 has one CFexpress Type B memory card slot and one UHS-II SD memory card slot: you might want to grab them a memory card to go with it. MSRP $2,550 for the camera body and $3,200 for the X-H2 digital camera with XF16-80mmF4 R OIS WR lens kit.

 Fujifilm X-T5 Digital Camera

Fujifilm X-T5

Another option from Fujifilm is the Fujifilm X-T5 mirrorless camera, a back-illuminated camera that has a 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS HR imaging sensor and X-Processor engine. With features like in-body image stabilization (IBIS), EVF viewfinder, and dual SD card slots, it’s a nice step-up camera they can play with to take both photos and videos. The X-T5 comes in at a hefty price of about $2,300, but serious photographers will appreciate the upgrade.

Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung The Frame

Forget a device to help someone create content, what about something they can use to display it?  Surprise them with a glorious new TV for the living room like the Samsung The Frame. Why will photographers love this model? It doubles as a piece of art on the wall that can display their images when it’s off. It comes in a range of sizes from 32 up to 85 inches including the 55-incher for $1,500 (through to January 5, 2023, it also comes with a free customizable bezel, valued at $200; it comes standard with the Slim Fit Wall Mount). The idea is that it’s a fabulous TV when it’s on that they can use for binge watching shows, movies, news, sports, and more. But when it’s off, The Frame instantly goes into Art Mode. The new Matte Canvas further reduces glare so guests won’t even realize it’s a TV until you press the magic remote button and watch their eyes light up. They’ll love first impressing guests with the gorgeous artwork, then revealing that it’s their own images. WiFi HiFi’s John Thomson instantly fell in love with the Samsung The Frame TV when he reviewed it last year.

Joby Spin Bluetooth Electronic Head And Joby Swing Bluetooth Electronic Slider

Joby Spin

Perfect for podcasters and video bloggers, the Joby Spin Bluetooth electronic head provides 360° motion control for videos, moving timelapses, and panoramic stills, and the Joby Swing, a Bluetooth electronic slider for linear motion and unique videos like moving timelapses.

The Joby Spin (US$90) provides 360° motion control from a smartphone via the dedicated Joby Motion app for iOS or Android. This allows you to create smooth videos, moving timelapses, and panoramic stills. The pocket-sized device comes bundled with the GripTight PRO phone mount when you opt for the Spin Phone Mount Kit. Or pair the Spin with a GorillaPod or Joby support. Creators have the option of pairing two Spin units together with the Pan Tilt Bracket to create dual axis timelapses, B-roll, and video shots.

Joby Swing

Meanwhile, the Joby Swing (US$130) is a Bluetooth electronic slider that works with Apple and Android phones via a dedicated Joby Motion app. Using it, content creators can produce moving timelapse and other unique types of videos. Weighing just 0.63 lbs. with a payload of up to 1.3 lbs., the Swing is designed to be travel-friendly. It pairs nicely with the BallHead 1K and GripTight One phone mount, which is available kitted with the Swing Phone Mount Kit if desired, which contains the BallHead 1K, GripTight ONE phone mount, and GorillaPod 3K Stand. The Swing provides 15 inches of travel distance and mounts via ¼”-20 on GorillaPod or RangePod supports.

Nikon Z 30 Camera

Nikon Z30

Introduce them to better photography for their vlogging and other web content with a dedicated camera like the Nikon Z 30 that they can use instead of a smartphone. It’s designed specifically for creators with a front-facing screen and autofocus. With red REC lamp confirms a recording is in session and the focus will automatically reposition when something is held up for the camera (unboxing video, anyone?) There’s a built-in stereo mic as well to provide crystal clear audio. As they improve their skills, they can look into saving up for a different Nikkor Z series lens, including close-up macro lenses and primes. It can record for up to 125 minutes and can be plugged into the wall or a power bank with an optional USB-C cable. A feature they’ll love: snap a selfie at any time while recording video. The camera starts at $880 for the body only. Serious content creators will be loving it and it’ll be worth every penny as they work to become the next TikTok or YouTube sensation.

RODECaster Pro 2-Person Podcasting Value Kit

Rodecaster Pro

Get them everything they need to get started with podcasting in the RODECaster Pro 2-Person Podcasting Kit. Different retailers offer different bundle options: B&H Photo’s bundle, for example, includes the podcasting interface/recorder, audio Limelight mics, boom arms with XLR cables, headphones, and a microSDHC card. The unit serves as a personal production studio, making it perfect for someone who has just started with, or plans to start, streaming, podcasting, recording music, and creating other types of content. The B&H bundle is on sale for $700; pricing and options vary by retailer.

Elgato Ring Light

Elgato Ring Light

Ring lights are dime a dozen these days, and it’s simple to pick up a cheap one from Amazon when needed in a pinch. Chances are someone who creates content at home has done just that, especially if they are just starting out. In this case, upgrade them with the Elgato Ring Light, one of the smarter and more functional ring lights you can buy. Ideal for close-up illumination for things like make-up tutorial videos, macro photography, selfies, and more, the ring light will help flatter skin, remove shadows, and provide stunning images without any glare. But what sets it apart is the ability to be controlled remotely: tap your mouse to adjust brightness and use the Android or iOS app to control it from anywhere in the room so you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to adjust brightness. It even works with Siri (with the Stream Deck Mobile app) so you can ask it to set a scene. Use it for lighting or as a camera or phone mount as well with the optional phone grip (US$23) and/or heavy base (US$65). The ring light itself is US$210.