Viewsonic X2000B-4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser-Based Home Theater Projector

Last Minute Father’s Day Guide Oozes Tech

Still can’t find the right Father’s Day Gift? Check out my last minute guide for the right way to appreciate dad. From the best sound, shave, projection TV, even music in his shower, the choices of cutting tech edge gifting are rewarding. Especially if you can share some too!

Cutting-Edge Projectors Walk the Walk

If dad is tired of his old fuzzy, hot and noisy projector you can upgrade him with the newest technologies.

Viewsonic X2000B-4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser-Based Home Theater Projector on a glorious 120-inch screen in my family room compared to a 55-inch 4K TV is only 13 inches away from the wall
  • The impressive Viewsonic X2000B-4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser-Based Home Theater Projector ($3707) can project up to a 120-inch bright screen, not from the back of the room but only 13-inches away from the screen or wall (conversely 9-inches for a 100-inch screen and 5.5-inches for an 80-inch screen). Yet its perfectly square with its 0.22 ultra-short throw lens thanks to its smart (also manual) flexible 4-corner adjustment and 60 points correction warping. This means projecting onto flat screens or curved walls – even a sphere with perfect sharpness and low noise. Ideally it projects from a chair height media stand or mounted to the ceiling.  The X2000B-4K Features 2000 ANSI Lumens of brightness, as bright as my Samsung 55” QN90A TV screen and the 4K sharpness holds the screen image quality, even on the 120-inch screen. The X2000B-4K uses Frame Interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur and makes for smooth delivery of fast-moving images and supports HDR/HLG.  It supports screen mirroring for apps not found in it’s already built-in access to many apps.  It features Dual, built-in 50W Harman Kardon customized speakers delivering room-filling audio for clear engrossing sound while Dolby and DTS support provides premium surround sound (5.1 channel recommended) with even more intensity and resonance. It uses the fastest Wi-Fi standard for sharing quality imaging and Bluetooth audio even letting you stream your songs from your phone with room-filling sound. The Apple or Android phone app conveniently lets you touch screen functions while the smart remote control, which has a built-in G sensor, automatically lighting up its display when lifted and carries antibacterial capability certified by TÜV.  The projection has 100% Rec.709 color accuracy with Cinema SuperColor+ technology for vivid color reproduction, most impressive with a screen projector or white walls. Connectivity options include HDMI 2.0, HDMI ARC, HDCP 1.4/2.2
The EpiqVision EF12 Mini-Laser goes anywhere you go
  • Does dad love the outdoors? Then the gift of movie nights in the back yard and beyond with Epson’s EpiqVision EF12 Mini-Laser Streaming Projector  ($1,300) will do the trick. The EF12 features an advanced 3LCD technology which displays 100% of the RGB colour signal for every frame with no noticeable distracting “rainbowing” or “colour brightness” issues. It looks much brighter than its 1000 lumens spec and runs very quiet. It has built-in Android TV, a thumping custom 3D Acoustic Enclosure speaker system by Yamaha that rivals soundbars and wireless connectivity to help the whole family enjoy up to a  150-inch  screen viewing experience this Father’s Day. It features Auto Picture, Skew & Focus Correction and Built-in Chromecast for projecting from your Android or Apple devices. It accepts up to 4K video files – for impressive Full-HD HDR picture quality. The projector enables seamless access to popular streaming services, including Hulu, HBO and YouTube right out of the box.  If the EF12 joins long family outings you can add the EpiqVision Mini Custom Travel Case ($143).
Samsung T7 Portable Memory

Samsung T7 Portable Memory

The Samsung T7 Shield Portable 1TB SSD ($205) credit card size external storage is fast, secure and with your wherever you go. It’s perfect for dads who still like to store or quickly transfer many large and small files bypassing the sometimes-cumbersome cloud grid.   For example, large files like a 35GB one hour 4K video can take several hours to transfer online not to mention using up your Internet service plan. It has IP65-rated durability, ideal for outdoor content creators or travelers, is shock-resistant from drops of up to three meters, dustproof and water resistant. With an impressive read speed of 1,050 MB/s and a write speed of 1,000 MB/S it takes full advantage of speeds currently available on the latest USB 3.2 Gen2 standard found in the newest laptops and desktops. It is compatible across multiple devices on a PC, iOS, Smartphone (Android), or game console. It is also available in 2TB size ($370)

Amperetech Power Shower

Shower Power in Your Ears

Does dad sing in the shower? The Ampere Shower Power (129 USD) is a hydropowered Bluetooth shower speaker that installs onto almost any showerhead — so dad will always have music in the shower and keep his favourite showerhead. Powered by water, Shower Power features 360 ° sound, is 100% waterproof with an IPX6 rating and will run for 16 more hours after the shower is turned off  on its 2,200 mAh battery capacity– plenty of time for dad to dry up to his favourite tunes. Speaking of water, it’s made from recycled ocean plastic. It sounds great even in a noisy shower. For newbies its an amazing first time experience showering with music in your face.  

Wemo Wireless Controllers For Digital and Analog Devices

Whether dad is into controlling his digital or analog needs Wemo has him covered.

Wemo Stage Scene Controller with Thread
  • The tiny Wemo Stage Scene Controller with Thread ($65) from Belkin supported by Thread network connectivity, along with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 will be dad’s favourite remote controller. It’s a control center for lighting, shades, thermostats, locks, motion sensors and all HomeKit-enabled devices enabling creation and management of up to nine customized scenes for the devices. Powered by an included CR2032 battery, it can be removed from the faceplate, like a remote control, for additional flexibility and convenience. Synchronize smart devices for customized away mode, morning, entertainment, and bedtime routines. No hardwired installation is required, and it can be stored in the faceplate or removed to use as a handheld remote.
Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug 2
  • For me, the Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug also from Belkin is prefect for one of my analog chores, watering my outdoor garden while away. Featuring two weather-resistant outlets, dad can set schedule to control two devices like garden water pumps or outdoor lighting from anywhere using the app or your voice with the Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Hey Google. The Smart Outdoor Plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of outdoor devices with no subscription or hub required. Simply plug the Smart Outdoor Plug into an electrical outlet, plug two devices in, connect to WiFi and control using the Wemo app.

Huawei Wireless Mouse GT and Wirless Charging Pad GT

Even if dad is not a gamer, he will appreciate the Cadillac ride of the Huawei Wireless Mouse GT especially when combined with the Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Huawei Wireless Mouse GT
  • The Huawei Wireless Mouse GT ($129) gaming mouse is on steroids. It supports wired, Bluetooth and 2.4G connection and can sustain 35 hours on a 5-minute charge. A full charge yields 350-hours of play. The mouse’s high 16000 DPI for ultra-precision onscreen and multiple customization options is noticeable the moment you move it across the screen. The 1000 Hz report rate ensures when you click your cursor on a target it is exactly there. An ultra-responsive photoelectric design eliminates rebounds, syncing your clicks down to the millisecond. 16.8 million colors are supported on the curvaceous mouse LED stripes with pre-installed standard, breathing, wave, and color ring themes, as well as an endless array of customized lighting effects. You can even LED pair colours with your favorite games. The 7 programmable buttons, including mouse wheel, enable you to create your dream configuration. A meticulous thumb base design nicely supports your fingers keeping them fresh, even after hours of clicking away. The button surfaces come coated in a supple rubber material, which helps identify where it is being touched, with even the gentlest tap or slide, equivalent to a wheel but more responsive.
  • The Huawei Wireless Charging Mouse Pad GT ($99),  in glossy jet-black finish sports an ultra-smooth polymer material that turns slides into effortless glides. The 350mm x 270mm pad is 7mm at the top tapering to 5mm at the bottom. It puts generic cloth pads to shame with the lowest friction coefficient I have encountered consistently allowing the Huawei Wireless Mouse GT mouse above, to consistently beat my Logitech MX 3 to a declined surface test. The mouse pad is also a universal 15W QI standard power bank charging through a USB-C port, for in turn, wirelessly charging any brand QI device or watch. It turns off when charged to save battery, also blinks red if a foreign object like keys fall on it or if the temperature exceeds 65°C.
The Sonos Arc 11 Speaker Elements

Sonos Arc Soundbar

If dad watches a lot of TV movies relying only on TV speakers, then a soundbar is in order. It has a distinctive long shape often found under wall-mounted TVs. Which to buy?  If dad has even the tiniest discerning appreciation for sound, spend some time in stores comparing the same song on different soundbars. From my personal experience, money aside, he will gravitate to the Sonos Arc ($1099).   Why? Because he will not just hear the rich fullness in his ears but will feel the bass, even at low volumes, in his entire body making the hair on his arm stand up. Its an air pressure thing when quality speaker elements in the Arc emulate real sounds as if the actual bass instrument is in the room. Turn the dial high up and the sound will still be clean and spacious thanks to eleven high-performance drivers (including two that are upward firing) and three tweeters (two side-firing and 1 front-facing for dialog.) It also benefits from 8 custom elliptical woofers, with 4 forward-firing, 2 reflecting upwards on the ceilings and 1 shooting sideways out of each end. Dad will experience all-encompassing sound even in the largest home movie rooms. It supports 3D audio with support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus and most leading home-theater sound formats. It has Airplay support and its own iPhone and Android apps. Like other Sonos speakers if features Speech Enhancement so “whispered” dialogue isn’t missed.  Make sure dad’s TV source supports eArc (featured on the Arc speaker) for the much larger data stream carried by hi-end audio streaming services. Sonos offers free shipping to try as well as return. Alternatively, if dad isn’t into these high end sound formats, check out Christine’s Father’s Day Gift guide featuring the new most affordable Sonos Ray soundbar

The Epson EcoTank ET-4850 comes with two years of ink saving up to 90% in traditional cartridge ink costs

EcoTank ET-4850 Wireless Colour All-in-One

When there’s a lot on the go, dad needs a printer that’s as fast and reliable as he is, and the EcoTank ET-4850 Wireless Colour All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer ($650) delivers.  The ET-4850 is an innovative cartridge-free printer with easily refillable ink tanks costing a fraction you would pay for traditional messy inkjet cartridges. Dad would save up to 90% in ink costs with a printer that comes with two years of ink right out of the box. The high-quality printer offers fax, a high-resolution flatbed scanner, and a convenient 2.4″ colour touchscreen, making it the perfect printer for dad’s office. It features auto document feeding, borderless photos, double sided printing, mobile device printing and more.

Philips Series S9000

Philips Shaver S9000

Is dad a gadget lover who appreciates a great shave? Check out the Philips Shaver S9000 Wet & Dry dubbed “the world’s most intelligent shaver” by its maker. With built-in AI, the S9000 delivers a personalized shave and enhanced skin comfort, thanks to SkinIQ technology. It uses a Pressure Guard sensor, Motion Control sensor, Power Adapt sensor and Protective SkinGlide coating combining the latest cutting-edge innovation that adapts to each individual skin and hair types. Paired with the GroomTribe app, for personalized advice, co-developed alongside dermatologists and based on specific skin issues, it tracks the progress of your skin, minimizing shave passes helping master optimum technique. It found a sensitive spot on my lower neck that always left rashes and corrected my technique! Nice!