LG’S 2023 OLED TVS are Now Available in Canada

LG Electronics has confirmed that the OLED TVs the company initially announced at CES 2023 earlier this year are coming soon to Canada.  This includes the OLED evo G3 Gallery Edition series TV, which is now on pre-order, and the OLED evo C3 Series, which will be available in May.

LG’s latest OLED TVs include premium self-lit picture quality, powerful image processing technologies, and an upgraded webOS platform with more smart features and access to a larger library of services.

The LG OLED evo G3 series includes Brightness Booster Max technology, which incorporates new light control architecture and light-boosting algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70 per cent. Brightness is mapped and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in sharper, more realistic images, says LG.

The OLED evo G3 series also applies Super Anti Reflective technology to reduce visual distractions like light glares and reflections so you can focus your attention on what is on screen, even in a brightly lit environment. Thanks to the new α9 Gen6 AI processor, the new models also provide improved brightness, colour volume, clarity, and detail.


There’s also an aesthetic upgrade with the introduction of the ultra-seamless One Wall Design. Leaving virtually no visible gap when wall mounted allows for a stylish set-up in the room.

All 2023 LG OLED models are equipped with the latest Alpha series processor that uses LG’s AI-assisted Deep Learning technology. AI Picture Pro now offers improved upscaling for better clarity, and enhanced dynamic tone mapping, which helps reveal depth and detail in every frame. AI Picture Pro also integrates a picture processing technology that detects and refines important objects, such as people’s faces, to give them a more lifelike HDR quality.

In addition to fine-tuning image reproduction, the α9 AI Processor Gen6 powers LG’s AI Sound Pro, which delivers virtual 9.1.2 surround sound from the TVs’ built-in speaker system.


Featuring the latest version of webOS, this year’s models introduce the new Home, a redesigned user interface (UI) that offers a range of customization and convenience options. The new Quick Cards, grouped into convenient categories like Home Office, Gaming, Music, and Sports, present a fast, simple way to access content and services you use the most.

Additionally, there’s AI Concierge, which provides every member of the family with their own curated list of content choices based on past usage and search inquiries. It also suggests useful settings, options, and modes (including the Family care setting, Eye Comfort mode, Multi-View mode, clock setting, Bluetooth speaker connection, and mute sound) for customizing the viewing and user experience.

It is also compatible with the new smart home standard, Matter so you can control and monitor a wide range of smart home devices from a growing list of global manufacturers, using only the TV.


New for this year, the OLED Care Program includes the Memory Optimizer, a feature that improves device performance and provides Screen/Sound Self-diagnosis. It also gives you access to functions that help care for the TV’s OLED panel, such as Pixel Cleaning, Screen Move, Adjust Logo Brightness, and Care Recommendations. OLED Care can be accessed at any time using the shortcut key button on the remote control.

From an environmental perspective, LG OLED TVs have no backlighting unit, meaning each TV requires fewer materials to produce than a conventional LED TV. They also employ many components made from recycled plastics and are even shipped in eco-packaging made from recyclable materials. They also feature single-colour printing. Easier on viewers’ eyes, all of LG’s 2023 model OLED TVs have been certified low blue light by TÜV Rheinland and flicker-free by UL Solutions.

To make its TVs more inclusive, LG has implemented features that make its latest TVs easier to use for people with disabilities. A long press on the LG Magic Remote’s mute button brings up the accessibility menu, where you can find Learn TV Remote, which teaches the remote control’s features. Improving accessibility for the hearing impaired, Sign Language Zoom allows you to adjust the size of the area where the sign language interpreter is shown on screen. LG TVs can also play sound through their built-in speakers and a Bluetooth device, such as a hearing aid, simultaneously. Users with hearing difficulties can connect their hearing aid to the TV via Bluetooth, or by connecting a transmitter to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and adjust the volume with their hearing aids’ controls.