LG Will Be Showcasing its New OLED TVs & Soundbars at CES 2023

While CES is filled with tech of all kinds each year, what truly brings the “wow” moments are the stunning TVs that fill the Central Hall. Each year, they get bigger, better, brighter, and smarter. And CES 2023 will not be an exception. This year, all the majors are launching new TV lines, and LG has provided a teaser for what’s to come in OLED.

The 2023 OLED TV line-up from LG will feature premium self-lit picture quality, more powerful image processing technologies, and an enhanced webOS platform with more smart features and services.

Picture Improvements and Soundbar Pairings


The new line will include the Z3, G3, and C3 OLED evo series TVs, upgraded models with higher brightness and colour accuracy as well as greater details thanks to the new a9 AI processor Gen6. This latest version of the Alpha series processor uses LG’s AI-assisted deep learning technology to offer an improved picture as well as better sound quality.

The TVs will also include AI Picture Pro, which now offers improved upscaling for better clarify when watching non-4K content. It also results in enhanced dynamic tone mapping to reveal more depth and detail in each frame, says LG. A picture processing technology that comes as part of AI Picture Pro also helps to detect and refine important objects, like people’s faces, in a scene to provide a more lifelike, HDR quality. Sound-wise, the new a9 processor results in virtual 9.1.2 surround sound using only the built-in speakers on the TV.

LG SC9 soundbar

You can also complement the experience with LG’s new line of soundbars, including the SC9 and SE6 models, both of which are designed to perfectly match with the new TVs. This occurs in multiple ways. First, through WOW Orchestra, which uses the audio channels in both the TV and soundbar to create an expanded soundstage. Second, via WOWCAST that makes it easy to manage the soundbar’s settings right from the TV’s Home Dashboard. And third is a bracket that comes with the new soundbars for easily positioning it below a compatible LG TV, whether it’s wall-mounted or stand-mounted, without the need for additional hardware or drilling holes in the wall.

The new OLED evo G3 model will also feature LG Brightness Booster Max technology, which consists of new light control architecture and light boosting algorithms to help increase brightness by up to 70%. Since brightness is mapped and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, you’ll get sharper and more realistic images, claims LG. The G3 also employs the new One Wall Design that does not leave a visible gap between the TV and the wall when it’s wall mounted.  

An Improved User Experience


There are also improvements when it comes to the user experience, which is being made more personalized with the latest iteration of webOS. There’s a new Home section that can be personalized in many ways, like with new Quick Cards that provide easy access to the most frequently used content and services. These are all grouped by categories like Home Office, Gaming, Music, and Sports.

You’ll also get personalized recommendations for each family member in the home, based on viewing history and habits. A new AI Concierge feature provides a curated list of content choices bases on things like past usage, search inquiries, and trending content.

HDMI and Gaming


For connectivity, these TVs include features compliant to HDMI 2.1a and are certified by the HDMI organization for the recently announced Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR). QMS-VRR can eliminate the momentary ‘black screen’ that sometimes occurs when switching among content played from different source devices connected via the TV’s HDMI 2.1a compliant ports.

Speaking of which content, many of us use TVs for video gaming as well as passive watching. Special features for gamers include the 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag, and up to four HDMI 2.1a compliant ports for connecting compatible gaming consoles and other gear.

The Game Optimizer feature, meanwhile, makes it simple to select and switch among gaming-specific features, such as game-genre display presets. Settings for G-SYNC compatible, FreeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate (VRR) are easily accessible from the Game Optimizer as well.

Focus on the Environment

LG is also focusing on the environment with its new OLED TV line. The TVs, manufactured using sustainable cycles, do not have backlighting units, thus requiring fewer materials to produce. Many of the components are also made from recycled plastics. The TVs also ship in eco packaging made from recycled materials with single-colour printing. Additionally, the displays have been certified low blue light by TUV Rheinland and flicker-free by UL Solutions.

Check out LG’s new OLED TV line at CES, taking place January 5-8, 2023 in Las Vegas, booth #15501.