Lowe's Canada contactless lockers

Lowe’s Will Offer Contactless Order Retrieval At 48 Stores

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s Canada has plans to offer a new contactless order retrieval system at 48 of its stores across the country by the end of April.

The system includes contactless pick-up lockers installed near the entrance of select stores, each equipped with Bluetooth technology and a touchscreen. Customers will use these screens to scan a barcode they receive in their confirmation e-mail and receive instructions on how to retrieve their online orders. Customers will have up to seven days following the reception of that e-mail to retrieve their purchases at their convenience. 

“As customers everywhere turned massively to online shopping over the past year, it became increasingly important for us to provide them with a quick and easy way to pick up their orders at their local store, without having to wait in line at the customer service desk,” says Tony Cioffi, Senior Vice President, Stores at Lowe’s Canada. “Improving the way we do business and how we serve Canadians is a constant priority at Lowe’s Canada, and time was of the essence in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, with people looking to have as little contact as possible.

“Our IT and Operations teams,” Cioffi adds, “did a phenomenal job bringing this project to life, working hand in hand to make this automated pick-up solution available to our customers in a timely manner.”

Following the initial rollout of the lockers in Lowe’s stores, Lowe’s Canada will also be rolling out the new contactless order retrieval system at select RONA and Reno-Depot corporate stores later this spring. Once the initial rollout phase is completed, the organization will onboard additional Lowe’s, RONA, and Reno-Depot stores to the program.