Origin Acoustics Blends

Origin Acoustics Launches BLENDS Invisible Speakers at CEDIA Expo 2023

Origin Acoustics is showcasing its new BLENDS invisible speakers at CEDIA Expo 2023, a collaboration between the company and Amina Technologies. Origin Acoustics has been working with Amina Technologies for the last few years to jointly distribute products in the North American market.

The BLENDS series consists of two new invisible loudspeakers: Edge 8STS and Edge 10STS, featuring larger tapered edge panels that install direct-to-stud ready for prefilling, taping and filling. This is different to Amina’s standard free-floating, fully skimmed over products, which Amina’s own North American team will continue to promote into the high end residential and commercial markets. 

Origin Acoustics Blends

As a flexible, easy to install and full-sounding invisible speaker, the new product concept uses Amina’s EDGE series products with patented Distributed Mode Listening (DML) technology. The BLENDS Invisible speaker line is a 60-minute UL fire-rated product that comes in both 70V and 8ohm for commercial and residential installations. Additionally, it comes with sized magnetic shims that attach to standard rear enclosures.

“As custom integrators lean more into lighting, we see an opportunity to use our Design Centric Technology focus to develop more products that make their lives easier,” says Nick Berry, CEO of Origin Acoustics. “Wide dispersion invisible speakers are the perfect solution to add to any lighting project—visually and acoustically—as they offer greater flexibility in installations than traditional architectural speakers.”

Origin Acoustics Blends

“Amina has over 24 years of experience engineering incredible invisible DML loudspeaker products producing superior dispersion, immersive audio—allowing designers to create incredibly aesthetic technology-centric spaces,” adds Richard Newlove, CEO and Founder of Amina Technologies. “We are delighted to bring this new format product, designed primarily with North American construction techniques in mind, through our partners at Origin, accessing their deep reach into the U.S. and Canadian custom install integrator network.”

The Amina ALF100SM easy-to-install direct to stud mounted in wall subwoofer complements EDGE speakers by delivering powerful, room-filling bass while blending seamlessly into any home’s interior design with concealed ports that allow for truly discrete installations. Additionally, the BLENDS series will include the new Amina EDGEi/S200 product for applications that won’t allow a screw-to-stud installation.  

The Origin Acoustic BLENDS invisible speaker series will be shown in a live demo at CEDIA Expo 2023, booth #2133. Products will ship Q2 2024.