QuietOn3 true wireless sleep earbuds

QuietOn Says its QuietOn3 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds are the Smallest for Sleep

Finnish company QuietOn Oy says its QuietOn active noise cancelling earbuds are the “world’s smallest” for optimizing human performance through improved sleep.

Demonstrated at CES 2022 in Las Vegas earlier this year, the QuietOn 3 earbuds are designed to reduce low-frequency noise to deliver quiet, regardless of your sleeping environment. They are small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, making them comfortable to wear all night, even for side sleepers.

“Health and sleep technology are going mainstream, and it’s exciting to help users be the best versions of themselves throughout the day after a good night’s sleep,” says QuietOn CEO Jussi Lemiläinen.

He says the earbud technology is designed to nullify distracting ambient noises, such as street traffic, a snoring partner, or noisy neighbours. They accomplish this by automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify low frequencies.

QuietOn3 true wireless earbuds for sleep

Additionally, QuietOn 3 does not use transmitters, receivers, and other components typically found in music earbuds, presenting a healthier option for sleep. On the other hand, Bluetooth headphones emit electromagnetic fields (EMF), which QuietOn notes is a health concern identified by the United Nations and World Health Organization. 

Each pair of QuietOn 3 earbuds comes with four sizes of eartips. There’s no wireless setup or connectivity required, and automatic charging is offered via the included case, which has its own battery. A single charge provides 28 hours of use, so the earbuds have the power to last all day, or for several nights. 

“As sleep quality increasingly becomes a priority in the health and wellness space, our mission to provide easy-to-use solutions that assist in delivering quality sleep to all users will continue,” adds Lemiläinen.