Rogers TTC

Rogers Has Started Next Phase of 5G on TTC Subways

Rogers Communications has started the next phase of construction of its cellular network in the TTC subway system to expand 5G services and access to 911 for all riders to the remaining underground tunnels.

“We are so excited to start this next phase, building out the 5G network to connect the rest of the TTC subway system for all riders,” says Ron McKenzie, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Rogers.

The expansion work began this week in the tunnels between Kennedy and Warden stations on Line 2. Together with the TTC, Rogers is expanding the network in phases to connect the remaining 36 kilometres of unconnected tunnels. Work is being done during overnight and weekend construction windows to minimize disruption for riders.

When complete, the modernized and expanded 5G network will deliver seamless wireless coverage with mobile voice and data services in all 75 stations and tunnels across Toronto’s subway system, part of Rogers commitment to expand connectivity for Torontonians.

Rogers TTC

“Today’s announcement marks an important milestone in the expansion of cellular coverage to the rest of Toronto’s subway system,” comments Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “Transit riders and commuters deserve a safe TTC. Bringing 5G service to the unconnected tunnels is going to make a marked difference for transit users.”

“I am pleased that Rogers has started the next phase of building out the 5G network in TTC subway tunnels, beginning with the tunnels on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth between Warden and Kennedy stations,” adds Jamaal Myers, TTC Chair. “Improving 9-1-1 calling for all customers is an important outcome that will increase safety for riders and TTC employees.”

In April 2023, Rogers acquired the cellular network in the TTC subway system from BAI Canada and committed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to roll out 5G service and 911 access across the entire subway system. BAI’s aging 3G and 4G network only reached station platforms and concourses and 25% of the tunnels and could not support the traffic of customers of the major carriers, says Rogers.

Last August, Rogers introduced 5G in the busiest areas of the TTC subway for its customers and turned on 5G service in these areas for all riders in October. In December, the company completed the upgrade of the legacy network and turned on 5G service for all riders at all remaining stations and in the tunnels of the Vaughan extension between Sheppard West and Vaughan.