Samsung QLED

Samsung Provides a First Look at Neo QLED Technology & More

Samsung provided members of the press with an exclusive peak at its latest TV technology, Neo QLED, during a First Look event this morning.

Ne QLED technology, which will be added to the flagship QN900A and 4K QN90A models, consists of Quantum Mini LED, controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and a Neo Quantum Processor. The Quantum Mini LED is 1/40th the height of a conventional LED. Instead of using a lens to disperse light, and a package to fix the LED in place, the Quantum Mini LED has thin micro layers filled with many more LEDs. Quantum Matrix Technology enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs, says Samsung, which helps to prevent blooming.

Samsung Neo QLED

Neo QLED increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4,096 steps, helping to make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter. Samsung’s proprietary Neo Quantum Processor offers enhanced upscaling capabilities. By using up to 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology, the Neo Quantum Processor can optimize picture quality to 4K and 8K picture output, regardless of the input quality.

Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED 8K features a new Infinity One Design, a nearly bezel-less screen. The 8K attachable Slim OneConnect box is a new cable management system that can be attached to the TV’s back, allowing for an easier install and cleaner aesthetic. The 2021 Neo QLED 8K also includes Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro’s dynamic sound that corresponds to the movement of objects on screen, and SpaceFit Sound analyzes the installed TV’s physical environment and outputs immersive sound tailored specifically to your space.

Through an engaging video demonstration, a dapper man in a suit walks through different rooms of the mock home to help various customers make the most of the new smart technologies in the TVs.

With Samsung Health, for example, you can turn on the Smart Trainer feature to track and analyze your posture in real time as you work out. During and post-workout, Smart Trainer provides feedback on form, helps you count reps, and estimates calories burned. Video and interactive training is offered via Bixby-enabled voice control.

samsung neo qled tv plus

Gamers will appreciate SuperUltrawide GameView, which lets you play not only at the wide 21:9 aspect ratio, but even at the ultrawide 32:9 ratio. Use Game Bar to monitor and adjust critical aspects of play, including switching aspect ratios, checking input lag, and connecting a headset. FreeSync Premium Pro minimizes stuttering so players can enjoy smooth picture quality throughout gameplay.

samsung neo qled google duo

In the demo, a woman baking a cake in the kitchen is shown how she can display her video call on the big screen instead of her smartphone using Google Duo. A call with up to 32 people can join through the Google Duo app. With a smart camera solution, the camera can follow your movements as well, automatically zooming in and out so you’re always in focus. While technologies like this are clearly most valuable during the pandemic while people are still practicing social distancing, they will remain a great way to keep in touch with family and friends long after we’re able to congregate in large groups once again.

PC on TV on Samsung devices, meanwhile, allows you to connect a PC to the TV, enabling working and learning from home through the TV screen with a connected mouse, keyboard, and PC. Access MS Office 365 through the TV’s web browser to create and edit documents. Install an Easy Connection app on your computer and log into your Samsung Account: the TV will automatically connect to your PC, making working from the living room seamless.

Complementing the new TVs will be a Solar Cell Remote Control, which can be recharged by indoor light, outdoor light, or USB as part of Samsung’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The remote itself will be made from upcycled plastics from recyclable bottles and include 24% recycled content.

Worth mentioning is some really cool accessibility features that will be included with all 2021 QLED and Neo QLED TVs. For the hearing impaired, these will include minor but appreciated features like the ability to move closed captions to a different part of the screen, zoom into the sign language window by up to 200% to make things like hand signs and facial expressions clearer, and multi-output audio, which will benefit those who are blind or low vision as well. Other features for people with low vision or the blind include colour conversion and audio descriptions when you push buttons on the remote so you can learn and remember what each button does for easier operation.