Satechi R1 R2 remote

Satechi Launches R1 & R2 Bluetooth Presentation & Multimedia Remotes

Satechi has launched two Bluetooth presentation remotes to help presentations run smoothly: the R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote and the R2 Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control, which work to conveniently control video or in-person conversations.

Both remotes come with wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that can work from up to 32 feet away, so you don’t need to stay tethered to the screen while presenting. The R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote includes back/forward slide buttons, virtual keyboard, and a black-out screen feature. The R2 Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control’s presentation mode, meanwhile, includes four-way arrows, home, left/right mouse buttons, and mouse on/off. The R2 Remote also offers multimedia control for music, videos, and more, including adjust volume, go forward/backward, play/pause, home/Siri, mute, and enable virtual keyboard. 

Both the R1 and R2 remotes are slim and sleek, finished in aluminum. Rechargeable through USB-C, one full recharge can last up to six months.

The R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote comes with a red laser pointer to help highlight key points and guide the conversation during the presentation. Whether for a business meeting, lecture, or client presentation, the R1’s laser feature helps enhance PowerPoint and Keynote presentations by keeping everyone on the same page, says Satechi. 

Satechi R1 R2 remotes

Satechi’s R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote and the R2 Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices 2012 and newer, including the 2020 iPad Air, MacBook Pro, and iPhone 12. 

The R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote and the R2 Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control each sell for US$45.