SnapAV Launches Next-Gen Episode Impression In-Ceiling Speakers

SnapAV has introduced its next-generation Episode Impression Series satellite speaker and bandpass subwoofer.

“Our end customers invest heavily in the aesthetics of their environment and desire thoughtfully-designed products that complement their space,” says Mike Jordan, Vice President, Control and Entertainment, SnapAV. “We’ve designed these ultra-discreet in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers to blend in with today’s modern treatments while delivering on our promise of superior audio performance and installation flexibility.”


The Impression series offers 4″ satellite speakers and a 6.5″ bandpass subwoofer using Episode’s three core scientific principles: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat-frequency response. The bezel-less grilles are available in multiple colours and shapes.

Available in 2.1, 4.1, custom-sized kits, and individual SKUs, the Impression Series offers numerous configurations to fit different customer needs. The 4.1 kit includes four Impression satellite speakers and one Impression bandpass subwoofer. The ability to purchase individual Impression subwoofers and satellite speakers enables integrators and their clients to design and install any desired system configuration. Episode’s standard configurations range from a single pair of satellite speakers or a single subwoofer up to a 4.2 system with four satellite speakers and two subwoofers.

An Impression multi-room audio system can run from just two channels of a standard amplifier or AV receiver while maintaining a safe nominal impedance for today’s two-channel amplifiers. 

The Impression satellite speaker (model ES-IM4IC) is a 4” in-ceiling speaker that has a carbon/aramid fiber cone and ribbed rubber surround, and is designed for simple installation in both new construction and retrofit projects. The ribbed surrounds use an inverted parabolic design to provide greater cone excursion without rippling, says SnapAV, so the speaker can be played louder without distortion. 

Using a standard 4″ hole and accompanying round or square 5″ bezelless grille, the satellite speakers blend with modern 5” standard lighting cans. Episode also offers an in-ceiling bracket (model ES-IM4-BRKT-IC) for the satellite speakers, which makes it easy to align speakers precisely with installed lighting cans, regardless of placement. Each speaker features a high-pass switch for easy setup, and dealers can choose from black or white grilles, and both round and square are provided with each speaker. 

The Impression Bandpass subwoofer (model ES-IM6-BP-SUB) is a 6.5″ in-ceiling subwoofer that features a dual voice coil, fabric-coated paper cone with a rubber surround, along with a bandpass box that provides greater efficiency and deeper bass extension. This new-construction-only product requires mounting prior to drywall or access from above. The subwoofer uses a flexible tube to connect to a 5″ ceiling grille so it appears identical to the other speakers throughout a room. The full speaker cabinet mounts behind ceiling drywall, so the 5″ grille is the only piece visible. The in-ceiling bracket and pre-construction backbox are sold separately.

“We’re incredibly excited SnapAV dealers will now have access to these aesthetically-minded, immersive audio systems,” adds Jordan. “The Impression Series strikes a perfect combination of premium sound, minimalistic design, and ease of installation that has made them a favourite among dealers. These speakers are also being introduced at extremely competitive price points that can provide higher margins for dealers and lower cost for end customers.”