Several companies have come up with innovative products designed to help stop the spread of germs and help us practice social distancing in public places.

Canadian family-owned photo retailer Henry's will be filing for creditor protection and permanently closing down seven of its stores.

Looking for what to watch while staying at home? Check out these 10 movies, from new Hollywood hit titles to weird and obscure ones you can stream.

As families continue to practice social distancing, here's how you can use technology to connect with friends and family in different ways.

As many people explore working from home for the first time during our period of social distancing, Robert Gumiela provides some tips on making the adjustment.

Google is generating Community Mobility reports to help public health officials measure the movement trends of people as they practice social distancing.

While I've long held out on allowing my 8-year-old son to use Facebook Messenger for Kids, I finally caved. Now that we must practice social distancing in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it's the only way he's able to interact with friends and family. What do I think about it so far?

As we try to deal with the need for social distancing and staying home, how can we survive in close quarters with family members, including both adult and young children?

During our period of "social distancing," where people are being asked to stay indoors and avoid gathering in large crowds, we are being forced to connect with people in a way that many have ironically criticized as being responsible for keeping us apart.

In a time of uncertainty as the world faces a pandemic due to the coronavirus COVID-19, some people are taking advantage and buying things like anti-bacterial wipes and toilet paper and reselling it at a huge markup.