The European Viaplay streaming service, which launched in Canada earlier this year, is now available through Roku.

According to a new study by Roku, Canadians might be more on board with the idea of ad-supported streaming than we think.

Roku is now offering TSN content, including live sporting events, via streaming through its streaming players and Roku TVs.

Roku, Inc. has confirmed that the Apple Music premium streaming music subscription app is now accessible through the Roku platform.

CTV is now available via the Roku streaming platform, allowing users to stream content through Roku streaming players, sticks, and Roku TVs.

Roku has introduced the new 4K Streaming Stick and OS 10.5, with easier access to content as well as new mobile features.

The Roku Express 4K, which delivers compatible streaming content in HD, 4K, and HDR, is coming to Canada soon, along with Roku OS 10

Roku Channels now has 13 more new live linear channels on the service, along with a new Live TV Channel Guide

Roku's Streambar, a 4K HDR-enabled soundbar for enhancing sound and saving space, is now officially available for sale in Canada.