This is Personal! (with Mike O’Connor)

We ask the questions you wouldn't dare!

This past October, Mike O’Connor celebrated his 26th year with The Gemsen Group of Companies where he holds the post of Senior Vice President for both Evolution and Gemsen.  While our industry has many contenders to top the list of audio fanatic, when it comes to cars and the “12V” side of the business you’d be hard-pressed to top O’Conner for his passion for everything auto.  This week, Mike sits in the hot seat and answers all the questions that you’ve never asked!

Favourite….  Ideal….  One Day… Best….  Yes/No?….

Airline: Air Canada 

Airport: Miami

Beach or Mountain:  Beach

Breakfast (Weekday): no

Breakfast (Weekend): no

Band: AC DC

Car: GT 500

Pictured : 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback

City: New York

Country: Canada 

Cocktail: Virgin Caesar 

Comedian: Tim Allen

Tim Allen is known as much for his comedy as his car collection that includes gems such as a 1953 Ford F150 pickup and a 1966 Mustang GT350H. Photo:

Date: Dinner

Daydream: No

Diet: Meat 

Desert: Ice Cream

Dinner (Weekday): Meat and Greens

Dinner (Weekend): Meat and Greens 

Dress: Business Casual

Drive: A1A

Escape: Mexico

Excuse: Too Busy

Family: Number 1

Hotel: Grandville Island Hotel

Holiday: Hot Rod Power Tour

Hideaway: My Garage

Indulgence: Cars

Movie: Ford vs. Ferrari

Movie Star: Clint Eastwood

Music: 70’s

Nonfiction Book: Wealthy Barber

Perfect Day: Car show and dinner

Pet: My dog 

Piece of Advice: Do what you say you will do 

Politics: Hate them all 

Restaurant: De Frisco Las Vegas 

Saying: Is what is tis 

Sports: College Football 

Sound System: The bigger the better

Singer: Bruce Springsteen

Television Series: Street Outlaws

Theme Song of your Life:  Running on empty   LOL

Trade Show: SEMA 

Photo: SEMA

Time of Day: Lunch time 

Water: Need to drink more